Chapter 33

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Dante let out a loud frustrated growl and stormed off, heading back in the direction of the pack house. He was fuming mad. He knew it wasn't Peter's fault, but not having someone on hand to blame, other than himself, he was only more aggravated. When he arrived back at the pack house, Jade wasn't there, and nobody there had seen her. He knew he probably could have found her pretty quickly, her scent was nearby, but he figured it would be best to rinse off Jennifer's scent before he tried to talk to Jade, so he went inside to shower first.

Jade had actually thought Jennifer was the one walking up to her and Peter when she was waiting for Dante, so when she turned and saw that it was Dante, she was confused. But when he stepped closer, and the scent of Jennifer was all over him, she wanted to throw up again. So when he reached for her, it was simply a reflex to push his hands aside. At that moment, she didn't even care to hear what he had to say, she literally couldn't even be around him while he reeked of Jennifer's scent. So she had walked away. As she neared the pack house, she realized that she had no desire to go inside or see anyone, so she decided to go for a run with her wolf. She went into the change house, shifted and then ran. She always felt better after a run with her wolf.

When she was miles from the pack house, Jade finally stopped to rest and to think. Once she stopped running, she shifted back into her human form. It wasn't long before she burst into tears. She felt lost and betrayed. Dante had told her that he wanted her, he had told her that he chose her as his mate, and she felt foolish for having believed him. She asked herself why she believed that he could have. It didn't even make sense that he would choose her over a beautiful warrior from his own pack, so she was blaming herself for being hurt. She told herself that she should have known better than to think that she would ever be worthy of standing by his side as Luna. After considering this for some time, she decided that maybe it would be best if she left. She wondered if maybe she would be better off back in her old pack, or whatever was left of it. She decided that she would go back to the pack house, put a few things together in a bag, and leave without a fuss.

When Dante got out of the shower, it was about lunch time and he went to the dining room, hoping Jade had returned. She hadn't and nobody at the table had seen or heard from her since she left the training grounds. Dante mind linked a few of the guards, stationed around the territory, and a few confirmed that they had seen her wolf running around a little while ago, so he wasn't worried that she had left the territory, and figured she would come back to the pack house soon, but she never showed up to eat. When he came out of the dining room, her scent was fresh in the hall, so he went upstairs to see if she was in her room, and he gently knocked on her door.

"It's open" he heard her say. He was a little startled to hear her voice so loud and clear. Most of the words he had heard her say had been quiet or whispered.

He opened the door slowly, peering inside, and stepped in. She was in the closet, and stepped out with a few items in her arms, which he then watched her place into a bag. She glanced up at him, and then continued doing what she was doing, and walked back into the closet to grab another item or two, and came back out to put it into her bag.

"What are you doing?" Dante asked her.

"Putting some clothes into a bag" she replied curtly.

"Why?" he asked her, confusion plainly showing on his face.

"Because" she said, and she stopped what she was doing long enough to look at him and give him an exasperated sigh. "I'm leaving."

"Leaving? Where are you going?" Dante demanded, walking up to her.

"I haven't completely decided yet, but it seems silly for me to stay."

"What are you talking about?" Dante said, holding her hands and preventing her from continuing with her task.

Jade pulled her hands away from Dante, the sparks when he touched her were too much to handle when she was trying to leave.

"It'll just be easier for everyone."

"What do you mean? What will be easier?" he pressed her for an answer.

"We're not suited for each other" she finally said, have deliberating over her words.

"The hell we aren't" he said, walking up to her and taking both of her hands into his. "You can't tell me you don't feel what I'm feeling. You're my mate, and we belong together."

"Please don't" she said, again taking her hands out of his, and pushing past him to continue packing her bag.

"Don't what?"

Jade ignored the question and zipped up her bag, having finished putting in what she planned to take with her.

"Don't what?" Dante asked again, and this time he took the bag from her hands.

"Please don't make this harder than it needs to be" she asked, reaching for the bag.

"Make what harder? Two nights ago you were sleeping next to me, and now you think you're leaving? You aren't going anywhere."

"So am I your prisoner then?" She asked, her eyes angry and her chest heaving with emotion.

"Jade, what the hell is going on?" he begged of her. "Just talk to me. I was gone one night, and you were barely speaking then, and now I come back and you're a 'Chatty Cathy' with Peter and you're acting like I'm a prison warden."

"You're the one who assigned Peter to babysit me, so don't be upset that we became friends. What did you expect when he spends more time with me than you do?" she snapped back at him.

"So you're mad that I'm trying to take care of my pack? That I have business to attend to and I can't dote on you every second of every day?" he asked angrily.

"Oh please, I'm not saying I expect your attention all the time or that I don't want you to take care of your pack, but I didn't expect... I didn't think..." and she sat down on the bed, looking away from Dante, but she didn't cry. She'd already shed all the tears she had.

"Well?" he asked, impatient for her to continue.

Then she turned to him with fire in her eyes, "You said we were mates, that you chose me and only me, and I believed you. I was stupid enough to think that you could actually want me and that I would be enough. But that doesn't seem to be the case, when you run off to your chosen mate every night."

Jade then walked over to him and took her bag from his hands as the shock at what she had said was registering in Dante's mind.

"What are you talking about? What chosen mate?" he asked, not letting go of the bag.

"The blonde, I don't even know what her name is. The one you wanted, the one you were going to choose before I turned up. The one who told me that you go to see her most evenings after you leave me. The one whose scent was all over you this afternoon when you got back."

"Oh, by the Goddess, this is insane" he said as he stood up, letting go of her bag and running both of his hands through his hair as he paced across the room. "I have not and will not ever choose Jennifer as my mate" he said, as he sighed and leaned against the door. "I might even murder her for telling you that I've been going to see her. I haven't gone to see her since before I found you."

"Well, maybe you should" was Jade's reply.

"What is that supposed to mean?" he asked, growing weary of the circles in which their conversation was going.

"I mean...." And Jade paused for a moment, struggling to say what she thought, "I wouldn't blame you for choosing her over me."

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