Chapter 37

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Confusion erupted through the mind link. There were so many voices, so much panic and fear.

There are so many!

Alpha, we need your help!

Where are you, where is the attack coming from?

Get the children to safety!

Sir, the border here hasn't been breached?

Alpha, they're here at the pack house!

It was a trap, but for us here not you.

They're here for Jade!

Dante grabbed his head as he tried to sort through all of the messages coming through at once. George was making a break for it and running to his vehicle, but was stopped by Jimmy who caught him before he could open the door. Chaos erupted as Dante's warriors burst forth from their hiding places, coming after George and his men, and Dante rushed toward George, who was being held my Jimmy.

"Who is it, who is attacking my pack?" he snarled loudly, grabbing George by the throat. "If anything happens to her..."

"Not my problem" George squeaked out. "But you had better hurry, if you want to get to your little Jade, before they take her."

Dante continued to hold George, as Jackson cuffed him, and then Dante threw him into the back of one of the vehicles.

"Take him to the cells" Dante growled, as he got into the other vehicle, Jackson climbing quickly into the passenger seat, and they drove off as quickly as they could, praying they would get back to the pack in time.

It was nearing three, and Jade and Evelyn were just packing back and forth in the living room of the pack house. They weren't saying anything, but they were both nervous, looking up at the clock every few seconds. It was about five minutes later when voices and shouting could be heard outside. Peter who had remained stationed outside burst in.

"We're under attack" he gasped running toward Jade. "We have to get you to safety."

Jade was filled with fear, as her mind flashed back to the night her pack was attacked. She could her Tina yelling at her to run.

"No!" she said fiercely, her eyes starting to glow as her wolf began to appear. "I'm not running or hiding."

At that moment, three more of the warriors from the pack burst into the pack house, being chased by several intruders. Jade grabbed a lamp, wielding it as a staff, and began fighting. Peter and the other warriors doing the same. Weapons flew around, snarls burst forth and claws came out. Everyone was fighting, bodies being flung across the room, while others lunged back and forth.

The fight had moved outside, as more and more fighters joined in. Evelyn was ushering children and non-women fighters into the pack house and down to the gym where they could barricade themselves in. Peter had shifted and was snarling and fighting with expertise. He had already taken down three of the attacking wolves, and continued to defend his territory.

Jennifer and several other warriors who hadn't been part of the meeting with Dante were there as well, some had shifted and some were still in human form, all fight to protect the pack house and those unable to fight for themselves.

Jennifer had just shifted and lunged at an attacking wolf, and bit into his neck. He fell to the ground, and she leapt to another, taking him to the ground. But as she was about to bite, another wolf lunged at her, knocking her to the ground, and she rolled from the impact. The wolf she been about to bite then jumped on top of her and bit her shoulder. He snarled and prepared to bite again at her throat, but was knocked away by someone else, and when Jennifer opened her eyes, realizing she had been saved from a potentially fatal bite, she saw Jade's wolf attacking the wolf who had just been on top of her.

Jade had fought in human form for several minutes, but realized she needed the strength of her wolf and shifted. She lunged at the first wolf she saw, and defeated him quickly. She honestly didn't know if she had killed him or not, but he wasn't moving so she moved on to the next wolf. She threw her entire body into a large wolf, knocking him off of one of her pack members. Even though he was almost twice her size, she didn't waver. She rammed her head into his side, knocking him down. She bit his leg while he tried to get back onto his feet, and when he yelped in pain, she then went for neck and bit down. He stood up and shook her violently, forcing her to release her grip, and her body slammed into a nearby tree.

The fight continued for several minutes, bodies from both side, littering the area. Jade shook her head as she tried to stand, the dizziness keeping her from maintaining her balance. She had hit the tree hard and was trying to get her eyes to focus, and that's when he walked up to her, in his human form, grinning maliciously.

"Hello my little Omega 7" he snarled, "ready to come home?"

Jade looked around, wondering if there was anyone who could help, but she didn't see a single member of Dante's pack who wasn't on the ground, the dizziness still causing her to waver, and then the black dots in her vision grew, and darkness took over her.

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