Chapter 38

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When Dante reached the pack house, there were wolves and blood everywhere. He jumped out of the car and began to check on each wolf, looking for members of his own pack. So far, all the bodies were not from his pack, and then he saw Peter hobbling toward him.

"How bad is it?" Dante asked, tears pricking at his eyes.

"Two of ours are dead, the rest we've moved to the infirmary. 14 are being treated and we don't know if they're going to make it, dozens are recovering and stable" was Peter's labored response.

"The children?" Dante asked, still looking around at the carnage around him.

"All safe and accounted for, Evelyn got them down to the gym." Jackson ran inside at hearing that, and headed toward the gym.

"Jade?" Dante asked, grabbing Peter and looking searchingly into his eyes.

"They took her" Peter said, breaking down. "I'm sorry, Sir, I failed you. I failed Jade."

Dante let out a loud roar as he fell to his knees and grabbed his head. He then got up and stormed to the cells, filled with rage. He arrived just as the vehicle with George was arriving. Dante pulled George out by the throat and threw him to the ground.

"Start talking" he snarled.

"Not sure what you want me to say" George replied stubbornly.

"They've taken Jade, and if anything happens to her, I will tear you apart, limb by limb" he said, bending over George and growling directly into his face.

"And risk your precious Council's adoration? They would never approve." George responded, shaking his head.

"You think I care about what the Council might do to me? I don't think you realize just how much Jade means to me. I will kill anyone who stands in the way of me getting her back, Council be damned."

For the first time since his arrest, George actually began to show fear. He believed Dante's words, and he was beginning to doubt the reality of his own rescue. He was never even supposed to be captured, it hadn't been part of the plan. But now that his partners had Jade, he wasn't sure they would hold up their end of the deal in securing his safety. He was beginning to realize that he was just a means to an end for them.

Dante grabbed one of George's fingers and bent it back forcefully, the sound of the bones crunching filling the air. "Now start talking!"

George flailed and screamed. "What do I get, if I decide to help you?" George asked, gasped through the pain.

"You might get to live." Dante said, still standing over him. Then, breaking another finger, and George let out another yell.

"Alright, alright! I'll talk, please stop!" George begged.

"It was Luther. Everything was Luther" George said. "From the very beginning, he wanted the Silver Crescent Pack. He came to me, and offered me a leading position within his pack if I helped. So I arranged for him to be able to come to the Luna's birthday party. I added him and several of his pack to the guest list, so they were allowed onto the territory. He waited in their room until after the party had ended, and he killed them as soon as they walked in. They never saw it coming and didn't have a chance to defend themselves."

Dante growled, as the anger was building up inside of him. "Go on" he commanded through gritted teeth.

"Luther was supposed to swoop in and save the day, marry Jade and take over the pack, with her lineage as his claim to the pack. But she escaped. But he was an idiot and just thought she was omega they caught on his lands, so he didn't know he had her the whole time. We all thought she had been killed during the attack. So he had to come up with a new way to take over my pack, because they were leery of my leadership, and without Jade, there hasn't been any trust. They never would have considered joining the Blood Moon Pack with Luther."

"What's his plan now?" Dante asked.

"Once he figured out that your mate was actually Jade, the one he'd been looking for all along and not some runaway Omega," and George let out a loud cackle, "he was furious. Determined to get her back. If he marks her, takes her as his Luna, then he thinks the Silver Crescent pack will come willingly. And once again, with my help he offered me the position of Gamma within his pack."

"And you were willing to sacrifice your family, your pack and your niece, for that title?" Dante asked, disgusted at the sorry excuse of a wolf before him.

"I should have been Beta! Jade's father owed me that, I had been loyal for years!" Snapped back George.

"You're a coward!" Dante said, pulling George to his feet and dragging him back into the holding cells, and then he shoved him behind the silver bars, the door thudding with a loud clang.

"If anything happens to Jade, I will kill you myself" Dante growled at George, and then turned and stalked back to the pack house. On his way, he told Jackson, Peter and a few others what George had told him. They would need to come up with a plan of attack to get Jade back. They needed to move fast, before Luther had a chance to mark her and claim her as his Luna.

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