Chapter 39

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A/N: Trigger warning for this chapter.

When Jade opened her eyes, she felt weak. As she tried to remember what had happened, she realized she couldn't feel her wolf, and she panicked. Sitting up quickly, she realized she was once again wearing a wolf's bane cuff. She remembered seeing Luther walking up to her, after she had been tossed against the tree, while fighting alongside Dante's Black Shadow Pack. Fear gripped her and tears filled her eyes. She looked around, trying to figure out where she was. She was somewhere she had never been before, it was a dark room, the curtains were drawn, and she was sitting on an unfamiliar bed. She quickly got off the bed and moved toward the door, but fell on her face with a loud thud, as her ankle was shackled to the bedframe. She picked herself up quickly, and tugged at the shackle, realizing quickly that it wasn't going to come off without a key.

"Good morning, Seven" came a voice behind her. Jade turned quickly to see Luther standing there, looking at her, and licking her lips.

"My name is Jade" she said to him, standing up and glaring at him.

"Look who finally found her voice!" he said, a little surprised at her statement. "But you'll always be number Seven to me. My sneaky little tart. I should have taken you that day I saw you in the lake. We could have avoided all of this nonsense, and me having to kill so many, just to get you back."

Tears sprang to Jade's eyes, as she thought of all the pack members who had fought for her, and she thought of the bodies she had seen strewn about the ground during the fight.

"What do you want from me?" she snarled, surprised at her own courage.

"Other than taking advantage of your gorgeous little body, and making you bend to my will?" he said, licking his lips, his eyes taking in every inch of her body. Jade shuddered, and stepped back, falling down once again, having forgotten she couldn't move far from the bed because of the shackle.

"I'm going to have my way with you, mark you and announce you as my Luna. Then I'm going to kill that meddling mate of yours, and after that, with you by my side, we will take control of the Silver Crescent Pack and all their territory. After that, we'll take over Dante's territory and pack, and it will only be a matter of time before I have the entire region in my grasp."

"You're pathetic!" Jade growled at him, as he stepped closer to her. "Dante will come for me."

"Oh, I don't doubt that he will" Luther said. "But by the time he figures out it was me, and makes his way here, we'll already be mated, and there will be little he can do. Then I'll kill him."

Luther hadn't counted on George being captured so quickly, or that he would turn on him so fast. Luther knew that George was starved for power, and expected that hunger to keep him strong for longer than it had. Fortunately for Jade, Dante wasn't wasting any time in finding out who had taken her.

Luther grabbed Jade by the arms, and pulled her up, throwing her onto the bed. He then took his own shirt off and climbed on top of her, straddling his legs over her, pinning her arms above her head.

"I've dreamed of this" he whispered to her, as she shuddered under his touch. She could feel his hot breath along the side of her face. She struggled and tried to release herself from his grasp, but he was too strong for her.

"Oh, I like that" he sneered, "keep struggling, my pet" and he leaned down and began kissing her as she continued to fight against him. He then ripped her shirt open down the front, gaining access to her neck and shoulders, and he began to kiss along her collar bone, working his way toward her neck where he planned to mark her.

Jade was flailing in a panic, her entire body screaming at Luther's touch. She knew she didn't have much time, and he would mark her soon. Once he marked her, it would begin to destroy her bond with Dante and create an artificial one with Luther. Dante would feel the severing, and it would weaken him significantly, not to mention the fact that it could never be repaired. Jade fought with all her might, she wasn't going to accept this as her fate.

Luther's fangs began to grow, and he leaned down to mark her. Jade snapped her head forward, head-butting Luther right in the face, his fangs cutting into her forehead. Luther recoiled, growling in pain. Jade then took that opportunity to shove her knee between his legs as hard as she could. He groaned and rolled over, falling off of the bed.

Jade got up, again reaching for the shackle on her ankle. It wasn't going to budge, but she realized that the bedframe itself was just wood, so she looked around the room for something she could use to try to break the frame to free herself, and her eyes rested on an ugly iron statue. She grabbed it quickly, and began to beat the bedframe with it, wood splinters flying.

Dante and those still able to fight gathered in what was left of the destroyed living room. "We're going to get Jade, she's been taken by Luther, and we don't have much time. Some of you will need to stay, just in case there's another attack."

"I'm coming with you" Jennifer said, stepping forward from the group.

Dante gave her a look, not sure if he should allow her to come.

"She saved my life, Alpha. She belongs here, as our Luna" and Jennifer bowed her head in submission.

They quickly determined who would stay and who would go, and those on the rescue mission piled into vehicles and sped quickly toward the Blood Moon Territory.

"We'll get there in time" Jackson said to Dante, as the vehicle moved dangerously fast around the curves of the road.

"He hasn't marked her yet" Dante said quietly, "I would have felt it. But I don't think there's much time, I can feel her fear."

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