Chapter 40

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Jade had almost broken through the bed frame, when Luther pulled himself up and grabbed her from behind. He was about to try to bite her again, when she threw her head back, hitting him in the face again, causing one of his fangs to cut into the back of her head. Once again, he howled in pain on the floor, and she frantically pulled at the shackle, wiping the blood from her eyes that was dripping down her face, trying again to free herself from the splintered bed frame.

Dante and his pack arrived at Luther's territory and poured out of the vehicles. They were instantly met with Luther's pack who immediately began to defend themselves, and prevent the surge from reaching their Alpha.

"Dante" Jade screamed, hearing the commotion outside. She needed him to come for her, she just had to keep Luther away from her long enough for Dante to reach her. But Luther stood up again, and rushed at her. But she rolled out of his way, having finally broken the bed and releasing the chain that had been secured to it. She ran for the door, but Luther was quickly right behind her, and slammed it shut just as she had begun to pull it open. He yanked her shoulder to pull her back, throwing her across the room, and she collapsed against the far wall.

Dante heard Jade's scream, and fought his way through wolf after wolf, racing in the direction of her cry. Without any consideration, Dante killed every wolf that came in front of him. He hadn't even shifted, but was still too strong for any of them. The first, he grabbed the top and bottom of their snarling fangs, and ripped the wolf apart at the jaw. As another, still in human form, came at him, Dante stopped him immediately, punching him in the throat, leaving him gasping for air. One after another, Dante tore through them, entering the house and making his way toward the room where he could smell Jade's fear and scent, both equally strong.

Dante kicked down the door, and saw Luther moving quickly toward the form of his mate, who was slumped down on the floor, blood covering her face and head. Dante let out a loud roar, and leapt in the air, and landed on top of Luther, having shifted in the air. Without hesitation, he bit down hard at Luther's throat and yanked, nearly pulling off his entire head in one tear, killing him instantly.

Dante shifted back and rushed over to Jade, pulling her into his arms gently.

"Jade, are you ok?" he whispered, looking for the sources of the bleeding.

"Dante" she whispered, as the tears trickled down her face. "I tried... I tried to fight, I didn't run."

"You did, you fought and you saved lives. You're a survivor, my love." And he gently kissed her forehead as he picked her up into his arms, taking her to one of the vehicles.

"Wait" Jade said weakly, clutching Dante tightly, "The other Omegas, the other slaves. We have to help them. We can't leave them here."

With Jade in his arms, Dante mind linked with his pack and told them to find the other Omega slaves.

"Where are they?" he asked Jade.

"There's a little bunk house behind the pack house, they're probably there" she responded.

Dante communicated with the rest of his pack, informing them where to look for the Omega slaves, and let them know it was time to leave as soon as they saved the slaves. They needed to get them to safety, and away from Luther's territory. There were a few injured wolves who had to be helped into the vehicles, along with the slaves, most of whom were pretty weak and they were all taken to the infirmary as soon as they got back to the Black Shadows territory. Most had injuries that were going to heal quickly because of the werewolf genes, but some were going to need more intensive care. All of the Omega slaves had the wolf's bane arm bands that needed to be removed so they could also begin to recover from their imprisonment.

Jade was mostly healed by the time they reached their own territory, and as soon as the vehicle approached the pack house, she struggled against Dante, trying get out of the car.

"I need to see him, I need to talk to my Uncle!" she demanded.

*Newest Author's Note: 8/22/21 - I've added a bit more as this was not a good ending. If you already completed this prior to 8/19/21, I've also added a few additional paragraphs and things to the end of Chapters 3 and 21 in order to help with bringing the end to a satisfactory conclusion. Thank you for sticking with me!

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