Chapter Thirty- Four

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__Wang Yibo's POV__

The moment, Jin ge said, Zhan isn't home. My heart started beating fast as many bad things started surrounding my mind. I don't know why but, I really have a bad feelings about this.

I came to the uni again and stopped the car in front of the gate. Getting of the car I directly went to the office room to check CCTV cameras for begin sure that, Zhan is actually went out from the uni. Because, I don't know why but, I have a that gut feeling that, Zhan didn't went out. I have this feeling because, he would have called me before going out. I'm sure, because he know, I will be worried for him.

I also called the principal for permission to check cameras which of course he give.

I checked all the cameras but, I couldn't find Zhan to went out. I was about to walk out from the office when, something suspicious caught my attention successfully.

"Mianmian!! Mianmian have entered in the uni."

Shit!! Now, I'm sure, Zhan is missing because of her. She did something to Zhan. Shit man!!

Without wasting any time, I called Jackson and Haikuan ge to help me.

After sometime, they came in uni, I explained everything to them. Then We started finding Zhan. Before they came, I already checked all cameras in uni. And saw Zhan getting out from his class and then there wasn't any spot of him.

In this campus, we have ten main buildings which is currently available for students and all of them have CCTV cameras but, which I have already checked. Zhan didn't entered any of them. Also we have five under construction buildings in other side, which don't have cameras. So, we decided to find Zhan there fast.

My mind was full with bad things. I saw Mianmian entered in the uni, Zhan told me everything about Mianmian that day, I'm scared what if she hurt Zhan??

No!! Please dear God. I never wished for something but today I'm begging you, please save Zhan. Please, don't let her hurt Zhan. Please God. Help me to find him. Please.

"Ge, I have checked one building Zhan wasn't there." Jackson said, running to me. As, I also finished searching one, Zhan wasn't there also.

After some moments, Haikuan ge came running,

"Yibo, I heard some sound there on third floor." Haikuan ge said, huffing.

Me and Jackson changed a look then run to the building.

We went second floor, when we heard a screaming,

Now, my heart was racing like gonna blast any moment. Jackson looked at me, I also looked at him and again we slowly started went upstairs,

"You son of a bitch, how dare you snatch my Yibo from me? Hah?? Talk to me .. I said talk to me!!!"

Another loud voice hit my ears, Mianmian was talking but, Zhan?? Why he isn't talking?? Is he okay?? Oh God, please I almost got him. Please save him.

Me and Jackson started walking following the sound.

"Xiao Zhan!! Xiao Zhan!! Hahahahahaha!! Didn't you said, you will hit me with a chair. Now, what?? laying on the floor? Why? Get up and hit me.. I'm standing here. Hahahaha!!"

Hearing this my mind went blank. I just run to the room and slammed the door,

Mianmian was shocked by seeing me, she was standing with a metal rod in her hand.

"Ohh. Yibo you came. My love" She said and came to me running. I pushed her aside when, my eye fall on Zhan, who was laying on the floor unconsciously. Blood was dripping from his head. His whole body was tie with a rope.

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