Ch.1: New Doctor.

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Everyone looked at the new doctor with pity, they knew that anyone who entered into his cell didn’t survive more than five minutes.

However, she wasn’t scared. She knew that her life was insignificant in comparison of the things that the science could discover from that experience. She was willing to put her life in risk for the sake of others life but she didn’t come to die… She was here to make a difference.

She holds the handle of her suitcase as she stands in the middle of the little decontamination room for a couple of seconds seeing the vents purifying the air in the room.

“Last chance, Dr. (L/n)” she hears from her little radio on her waist “Once you are in there, we will not send guards to your aid. You only have fifteen minutes to exit, otherwise, we will block your card”

“I understand the risks, Dr. Lace” she looks at the little camera on the corner of the room “You don’t need to worry about it”

The voice of the guard speak up “The decontamination progress is complete, we need the permission to open Cell A-703.S”

The doctor looking through the cameras sighs “This is Doctor Amaryliss Lace, you have permission to open the Cell A-703.S”

“Opening Cell A-703.S”

Then the sound of the metal door opening filled the room.

“Good luck”

Those were the last words that (Y/n) heard from the other doctor before entering into the cell, once inside, the radio went off indicating a bad signal inside. The cameras were destroyed long time ago so they couldn’t see anything, the only thing that worked was the little carpad next to the door. The door closed behind her and the light were flicking, they barely illuminated the cell.

At first sight, (Y/n) didn’t see the mutant but she saw the floor covered in blood and the smell was nauseating.

She stands on the middle of the cell under the dim light and clears her throat.

“Experiment 703” she speaks with confidence on her voice.

She hears someone growling at her, turning around quickly, she sees a man jumping towards her.

He grabs her from her throat lifting her up from the ground with one hand making her drop the suitcase. She sees a man with black hair and grey eyes, except that his iris were red and his pupils black.

“I thought that they finally gave up with me and that the would stop sending people like you” he says with disgust “It seems that I haven’t been clear with the message” he starts digging his nails on her throat.

“T-They won’t stop sending people” she manages the speak out grabbing his hand “E-Eventually, they would get the message and kill you”

The man chuckles “Finally” he raises his other hand to stab her chest and take her heart out but he stops when he hears her laugh “What’s so funny?” he frowns.

“Y-You don’t understand… D-Do you?” she seemed to start losing consciousness.

“What?” he glares at her.

Seeing that she wasn’t responding he rolls his eyes and lets her go from his grip. She falls on the floor and starts coughing violently while trying to regain her breath.

“Tell me” he speaks.

“They won’t risk more lives for you, they are working on a machine that will kill your body but it will keep alive your brain” she stands up grabbing the suitcase and brushes the dust from her skirt “Basically, they will run the tests either way and you will feel everything but you won’t be able to fight back”

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