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"I thought we were gonna go to their school! I even packed my clothes!" Currently Maki and Panda were explaining to Nobara that they weren't supposed to pack anything and the event was gonna happen in their Tech.

"God everyone around me is so boring. Except you, Y/n-chan." She gave Y/n a wink to which Y/n could only eye-roll at. Maki was unfazed. Inumaki was looking around him to see if this was actually normal.

"Ah my best friend. How have you been? I got you ice-cream." The exchange students entered the school with high pride. A higher up was also seen,, although not particularly liked.

Y/n was surprised as to how friendly Toudou actually was. They did send each other memes sometimes but he was like a big brother now. This information wasn't made aware to anyone. That's why,, Nobara, Inumaki and Megumi were almost about to bitch slap him when he went near

"Welcome. I figured you wanted to see the idol with the fat ass, so I got you her meet and greet tickets."
Y/n said with a soft expression. Toudou was crying because he was happy she remembered his type. Maki was already patting Inumaki's back because his energy just dropped. The interaction between them was like normal friends but since it was Y/n,, Inumaki ought to feel jealous.

"Hey guys! I've got y'all a surprise!" Gojou with his long legs just rolling a trolly. Excited and waiting for something to happen, Yuuji was in that box. Everyone choosing to ignore another one of Gojou's weird surprises, except Miwa;; went back to talking to each other.

Suddenly Yuuji jumped out of the box. Nobara was choking on her spit and Megumi was pale. It couldn't be their 'dead friend.' Maki and Inumaki weren't clear as to how they were supposed to react. Y/n on the other hand was happy.

Most didn't know at all but Y/n and Yuuji attended the same middle school; only to find out they were neighbours and after Y/n's family incident she moved away. Y/n had taken an attachment to Yuuji and as did Yuuji. They met each other again after him eating Sukuna's finger. She did give him a piece of her mind but was happy to meet him again.

She engulfed him in an embrace while tears rolled down her face. "You fucking idiot;; I thought you died! Did you know how much I wanted to save you and tell you everything would be okay!"
Everyone around were shocked but after learning their little history, they were provided with some closure of sorts.

"You didn't tell me you knew
Y/n-senpai." Megumi whispered to Itadori. Holding a confused expression replied. "Well I didn't know you wanted to know about her?" being an oblivious bean. Megumi sighed and pretended nothing happened.

All the Tokyo Jujutsu Tech students were in their own room discussing on how to take on their rivals. Megumi made it clear that Itadori could take on Toudou while Y/n backing him up.

"So we have Itadori on Toudou. Y/n on Kamo,, Inumaki will handle whatever he gets. Maki will do Mai,, and I'll do Mechamaru? Wait, that leaves Nobara with Miwa and Momo though." Said Panda while everyone was in thought.

"Then I'll take Momo and Kamo. Anyways I think I can do both of them,, Nobra, Megumi and Itadori; y'all can call me if something goes wrong." Said Y/n confidently.

Nobara could only gently smile at her because she'd seen Saori in her. Clinging on to Y/n,, the juniors thanked her.

"You're the best senpai there is! No offense Maki-senpai." Said Yuuji. Although knowing Maki for only two hours;; he already feared her.

"Enough of the sweet talk. Are we clear as to what we're gonna do?" Y/n asked. Getting a green single from everyone,, they waited for the Kyoto students to come.

Meanwhile,, the Kyoto students were in conflict.

"We need to kill Itadori and Y/n." The higher up spoke. The dense tension radiating from Toudou was enough of an answer but he needed answers.

"I can understand Itadori's execution but why do we need to kill Y/n?" Toudou asked.

"Itadori, as he is possess a threat to the cursed world as he ingested Sukuna's finger. As for Y/n, I'm not in position to say this but since you students need closure, I'll tell you guys." He spoke. Many were cleary interested as why they wanted to a seemingly normal Jujutsu tech student executed. Toudou already eliminated the possibility of him laying a finger or Y/n.
He was hell bent on protecting his friend.

"Y/n has a history of being involved with cursed spirits and we have come to the conclusion that she has unstable energy at some points. If anyone breaks her tension or emotions,, it might be worse than when Rika comes out. So I want her eliminated before we take chances." That was a bullshit of a reason and everyone in tbe room knew it. Choosing not to press where it hurts, everyone except Toudou agreed.

"By the end of the event; if I see a single scratch on Y/n, you guys best believe y'all will be dead." Toudou announced.
And this time he wasn't playing.

Exiting the room,, they were ready for this event.

or not. They'd never know what happens.


- to be continued.

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