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-Third POV-

Finally starting the event with the Kyoto students,, the Tokyo tech participants were rather uneasy. Megumi knew they were going to go after Yuji because of the problem he posed to the higher ups.

"Yuji,, you should be careful. There's no telling what will happen." Megumi was paranoid. He wasn't gonna let his friend be taken away from he again.
Plus,, he isn't alone in this.

"Don't worry too much, Megumi." Said Itadori with his stupid smile.

Right off the bat;; Panda senses were on edge. He could practically sense the blood lust of the opponents trying to take a life, especially of Yuji. Little does he know,, it's more than just the Kyoto students.

"I'm leaving this to you, Yuji." With that Maki and Megumi parted their ways from Yuji and Y/n. Being greeted by the rumoured strong Todou, Yuji was a bit intimidated by the build of that man.
Attacking in head first, he managed to do a bit of damage.

"Well, that was something." Said Y/n watching from the sidelines. While they were exchanging blows and moving around, Y/n decided it was boring and went ahead to search Kamo.

"I'm surprised to see someone new here."
turning around to find a rather attractive man. Y/n was sure he was the one she was after. Fitting the description perfectly,, he had a distinct mark on his face and weird hair.

"Well, introductions can wait."
With that Y/n was ready to take him on. He seemed to be paying attention to something else. That was disrespectful,, considering his rival was in front of him.

"Are you just gonna day dream there?"
That caught his attention.

"My apologies,, I just wanted to know Yuji's location. We're in a tight crunch to behead him."
This irked something in her. It's one thing to be discreet about it but shamelessly waving it in front of a person related to him and the school was out of it.

"Looks like you don't have classes for manners back in Kyoto."
A sudden kick in the stomach and Kamo was against a tree.
A hand up to his neck.

"Good thing I take those classes here."
Before she could do anything she was on the ground,, He was making her incapable of movement.

"You were wide open there."
He said. Infuriating and frustrating Y/n by the minute. He was really annoying. According to the plan, after she's done dealing with him, she will protect Yuji.

"Looks like it will take longer than expected."


Meanwhile, Inumaki finished exorcising the curses he found. Panda informed him that Y/n might need some assistance so he thought he would help her out. Of course,, Panda was just setting him up but the oblivious boy didn't know.

Before he could go there, he decided to take care of a student. Putting her to sleep,, he sensed a rather tough curse there.

"Weren't they supposed to put cruses for everyone to handle?"

Heading his way to see what was up,, He saw a strange looking one. It had branches as eyes.
He wasn't quite sure as to what he was supposed to do.

While he was trying to comprehend the situation. The cruse was already heading to the direction of where most of the students were fighting.

He said. That barely stopped it.
He knew it was trouble now.

Suddenly speeding up,, The cruse and Inumaki were in front of Y/n and Kamo. Y/n covered in her blood and Kamo being visibly exhausted.

"Run away."
Their legs started moving involuntarily. Barely clearing the area as it was struck with branches. Looking up Y/n as surprised as to why he was interfering in her fight. But quickly the sight of something hideous in front of him made it clear that there was a change in plans.

"Looks like we have company."
Turning around Y/n and Kamo nodded an unwritten agreement to continue this later.

"Inumaki! do you have enough strength to stop it for a bit?"
That was a stupid question to ask.
Of course,, he has the strength. Even if he didn't he would muster every single fiber of his being into protecting the people he loves.

He agreed.

As they were catching up on their breathing. It was a good time to land an attack.

"Blast away."

That definitely did something to the cruse. Inversely it affected him.

He collapsed.

"This is only getting started."

The sky was own starting to be covered by a veil.

This was only getting more intense.


-to be continued.

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