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I know when Morgan said not to listen to anything Mat or Kayla says but I've been turning on my bed wondering what happened to her. One time we were laughing and having fun and the next her mood turned sour.

Did I do something wrong? Was the drink I gave her bad? Did I smell of sweat or something?

I went to shower then brush my teeth, getting ready for school as I put on our uniform. Mat knocked on my door and went to class, listening to History class. From what I remember, Morgan has this class after mine but I barely see her inside the classroom.

Mat saw I was having trouble and he asked what was wrong and I needed help because I didn't know what to do.

"Something's wrong with Morgan," I whispered because we were still in class. The instructor was talking about the Apollo 11 Landing which launched back in 1969.

"What do you mean? Morgan is anything but normal," he chuckled and I shook my head. "Okay, sorry. So tell me what happened."

I told him where we went and what we did and after I got the drinks she suddenly became quiet.

"Yeah, I don't what happened," he replied. Well atleast I tried.

He shrugged and we listened to the history instead and what to expect on the exam next week.

The bell rang and Mat dragged me outside the classroom, shoving people out of the way. Kayla was also doing the same as she headed her way to us.

"What did you do to Morgan? She asked. That's what I wanted to know too, what did I do.

"What do you mean?"I asked.

"She isn't causing trouble. Morgan is actually silently bitching people which is weird since yells at them all the time."

"Isn't that better?" I commented since it would actually be nice not to be screamed at for once, I was starting to worry for Morgan because when I met her I wanted Greg to get rid of her and maybe someone will do that soon if she continued ordering people around.

"No, it's not. So you'll tell me what happened yesterday. In detail," she demanded and I looked at Mat and he shrugged.

I told her the exact same thing I said to Mat. If he couldn't deduce what was wrong how much more Kayla.

"Hold on, back up a minute," she wiggled her index finger.


"You said something about getting drinks."


"What happened when you were getting drinks?"

I sighed, not really knowing what she wanted to know.

"I got drinks and I was on my way back then two girls talked to me an-"

"Did she see you?"

"See me?"

"Yes Cam. You are so fucking ignorant."

"Hey, dont talk like that to my best buddy," Mat threw his arm around my shoulder.

Kayla rolled her eyes, "did she see you talking to those girls?" and waited for my answer.

I shrugged that I didn't know. If she sees me talking so what? They were just...talking.

"That is what's wrong," Kayla implied finally enlightened why her friend was in bad mood. "She's jealous."


Kayla frowned and if it was possible to see smoke coming from her ear then that's what I was seeing.

She sighed and spoke nonchantly. "She's jealous because you spoke with other girls."

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