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I hope you like the episode, prepare for some Draco fluff. The next episodes will develop her relationship with Harry more.

If there is anywhere that says "Elizabeth Lawrence." It is from a previous idea for the story but has been changed

A couple of days passed since the D.A.D.A class and Elizabeth began to feel less shaken up. Luckily for her nobody questioned why she had a big impact to the curses, but she knew it was more than just being afraid.

Later that night it was time to draw the names from the goblet.

Elizabeth's POV

We were all sitting in the great hall when Dumbledore approaches the goblet as the fire turns a bright red, after a few seconds a name pops out on a slip of paper.

"The Durmstrang champion is.... Viktor Krum!" He announced while holding up the paper. Krum proudly walks up to get the paper the leaves the hall to Dumbledores office.

Then the next name.

"The Beauxbatons champion is... Fleur Delacour!"

"Wow, It seems like a lot of people from Beauxbatons wanted to win." Hermione stated while looking around.

"Why would you say that Hermione?" Ron asks unknowingly.

"Look at their table R, most of them are crying, and I doubt it's happy tears."

Harry covers his mouth to hide up his laugh at her dig. Hermione chuckles a little, not feeling much sympathy towards the girls.

Ron just lightly nudges her from his place beside her and playfully rolls his eyes

"The Hogwarts champion... Cedric Diggory!" I watch as Cedric stands up while getting patted on the back and loud cheers from Hufflepuff but he quickly sent Elizabeth a smile; which she quickly returned.

Fred and George were booing loudly from their seats, not liking Pretty boy Diggory nor the look they saw him send their little sister.

"Excellent!" Dumbledore says after Cedric is out of the hall "we now have our three champions! But in the end only one will go down in history. Only one will hoist this chalice of champions, this vessel of victory the tri-wizard cup!"

People cheer, but the goblet glows red once more and another name flies out. I stared at strangely, who could it be.

"Harry Potter. Harry Potter!" Dumbledore yells out into the crowd. My heart dropped, I quickly glanced over to see Harry's face to see him wearing the same expression. Hermione had to finally push him up.

"Go on Harry. Harry for goodness sake." She said while pushing him up as he seemed frozen in his seat, I don't blame him though. I could tell by his face, he didn't put his name in, but when I glanced over at Ron he didn't seem to share the same feeling.

Harry slowly walks up. Dumbledore gives him the paper. Voices in the crowd shout out in protest, while some Gryffindors are cheering glad to have representation.

"He's a cheat! He's not even seventeen
yet." A random person calls from one of the tables. Loud chatter rings out as everyone talks about what happened as Dumbledore and Harry walk out of the hall.

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