~Chapter 16~

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They quickly pecked each other's lips before saying the transformation words and continued kissing right after that.

Chat Noir tilted Ladybug's head with his hand by placing a hand on her jaw and he deepened the kiss, his tongue sweeping over the roof of her mouth.

She let out a content sigh and grabbed Chat's hair, tugging it softly.

Of course, they had been affectionate before, but this was different. There was more lust involved now, which was quite understandable, considering Adrien would have to leave the next morning.

Ladybug felt really sad about this. She would miss him so much. It just felt like life had finally started for them when he had to leave. She absolutely hated it, but luckily it was just for a fortnight. It could have been way worse.

They pulled away, their eyes opening again and they stared into each other's eyes. It just felt like the first time Ladybug met Chat Noir, his eyes always the same. She had always found them mesmerizing, but she thought that they were part of his suit until recently.

She was wrong, however. His eyes were just as beautiful in as out of his suit. They felt like home.

Chat then tugged her hand playfully and pulled her towards the trapdoor.

Ladybug giggled as she followed him, looking at his bum as he climbed up the stairs. She would never admit this though.

Once they had reached her roof, they glanced around the city. Ladybug carefully grabbed his cheek as Chat gazed over Paris, making him look at her. "It's still early. Let's go round Paris and party with the civilians for a while. Then we'll meet up with the rest."

Chat nodded in agreement and they swung towards the area of the Eiffel Tower where several artists were performing, celebrating their superheroes' victory.

Everyone cheered once their heroes came insight and this made them both smile widely.

Jagged Stone saluted them, just going up the stage to perform and Ladybug motioned Chat to sit next to her on a rooftop nearby, to watch the show.

Many people were still cheering, some for them and some for Jagged. They just enjoyed everybody's happy spirits and sat back for the show.

Her eyes then fell on someone with aqua streaks in his hair and her smile widened. Luka was sitting in the V.I.P. section, which probably meant that he had talked to his dad.

She leaned into Chat to whisper the good news in his ear. Instead of being happy for him, he simply huffed, crossing his arms.

"Kitty... Are you seriously still jealous? After everything?" She asked him, a teasing tone evident in her voice.

"No..." He pouted, but she knew better.

"There's no need for that, I promise. You're literally my soulmate, Kitty. I fell in love with you twice and have been obsessed with you for about 4 years. I can't actually believe this", she chuckled, "after everything... You're still jealous over silly old Luka?"

A smirk then arose on Chat's face. "So, you wouldn't be jealous if I was talking with Kagami?"

She shook her head. "It would be just talking. What's so wrong with that?"

"What about if I was sharing an ice-cream with her? Grabbing a strand of her hair that was in her face, tugging it behind her ear...?"

Ladybug's jaw sharpened. "No..."

Chat simply kept glancing in her eyes, waiting for her to admit it.

"Okay, maybe I would be!" She finally did. "But this is different... I'm just happy for him. He's never known his father for his whole life-"

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