Chapter 4

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Sokovia- 6 hours after Ultron's speech

Sokovia- 6 hours after Ultron's speech

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Pietro's POV:

The streets around the church were quiet. The only sign of life being the lights in apartment windows and few people packing up the stalls behind us. We had gotten a tip that someone was waiting for me and my twin in the church. A man named Ultron, an odd name if you ask me. We walked in silence for a while until we stopped in an empty street. 

"Hey do you think Katia is ok?" Wanda spoke just above a whisper as she turned to face me. Her eyes filled with worry. 

"I hope so, she would tell us other wise."  If I'm honest, I wasn't convinced.

"We both know she wouldn't tell us Pietro, she never does."

I sighed loudly. Wanda was right. Katia concealed all her feelings and her problems from others, even before HYDRA. She only ever mourned our parents alone in a room, then would walk out like nothing happened. She always hid all the mental and physical pain throughout her life and throughout the experiments. It worries me that she probably is still doing the same now.

The two of us carried on walking until we got to the old broken barrier around the church. We climbed through a hole one at a time before walking slowly into the building. I turned to look at Wanda, confusion presenting itself on her face. Clearly she couldn't' read the mind of the other presence in the room.

"Talk, and if you are wasting our time-" Wanda muttered hostilely.

"You know, this church is in the exact centre of the city.  The elders decreed it so everyone could be equally close to God. I like that, the geometry of belief. Your wondering why you can't look inside my head." A deep, menacing voice came from the centre of the room behind a stone throne. It sounded inhuman.

"Sometimes its hard, but sooner or later every man shows himself." Venom laced my sister's voice as she spoke.

"Oh I'm sure they do."  Then figure stood up. My eyes widened at the sight of the robot towering over us. His red eyes glowing. "But you needed something more than a man. That's why you let Stark take the sceptre." Ultron walked closer to the two of us as he spoke directly to my sister.

"I didn't expect, but I saw Stark's fear. I knew it would control him, make him self destruct."

"Everyone creates the thing they dread, men of peace create engines of war, invaders create Avengers. People create, smaller people...children. I lost the word there, children, designed to supplant them. To help them end."  Ultron's tone became darker the more he spoke. It emphasised the ideas that he possessed.

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