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"Kiss me," she said.

I leaned towards her closing the distance between us. It felt like it was our first kiss, slow and innocent.

Her hands found their way on my neck, pulling me close to her. One of my hand cupped her face as I mirrored her kisses. She took my other hand and placed them on her hips and she groaned. Her tongue went inside my mouth and twirled with my own.

Although late in the evening, it was really hot. Every part of my body felt weird but really good. My neck burned from every touch she makes and the cold air wasn't helping our case.

The woman in a dangerous attire stood up, holding my hand with her as she fast walked out the pool and to her room. She pushed me on her bed and I gasped.

Lights were off but the moon was enough to illuminate the room and Morgan hovering over me as she bit her lips. She straddles my waist, caressing my face and I leaned in to the touch because it felt good and right.

Are we going to...do it?

"I-" I stutter, not knowing what to say because she was leaving me breathless by just a simple caress on my face and neck.

"I'm inexperienced." I managed to say out loud and she smirked, her eyes turning a darker shade of green.

She leaned closer to me, her breath hot on my face. "I'll teach you."

I swallowed the lump on my throat as I nodded. She leaned in again and kissed my lips before made their way to my neck and I hitched. Morgan sucked on them and flickered her tongue after causing shiver to run down my body.

She groaned when my penis twitched below her and so did I. My hands were on her waist when she started grinding on me which made me go crazy along with her kisses.

I bit her lips and wrapped my hands around her before flipping us over which took her by surpriee. I stare at my beautiful girl as both of us were catching our breaths. I was between her and my penis barely touched her center.

When I leaned in, she moaned and everything just caused my hair to stand. I lock my lips with hers, taking my time and doing the things she did to me a while ago.

Red spot marked her neck and it looked nice and I made more of them on her neck, shoulder, collarbone.

"Cam," she groaned and I hummed. "Touch me."

She guided my hand to her breast as I cupped them. Her breast was softer than they looked and she groaned when I moved my hand to squeeze it. I kissed my way down between her breast and made another mark. Morgan squirmed under so I cuffed both of the hands to her side with my hands.

Everything felt slow as I untied the fabric that was hiding her breasts. Her nipples hardened and I did what I thought should be done, suck on them and flick my tongue around, making sure the other breast was also taken care of.

Her hands got lost in my hair as she sighed and groaned softly. My penis was poking her center and it made me go crazy.

I squirmed my way down to her body and untied her panty, her hand was gripping the sheet as she opened her legs for me willingly. The sight in my in front of me was one I wouldn't forget.

Her folds were wet and inviting so I stuck out my tongue and made a long lick upwards, kissing and sucking on her clit.

"Fuck," Morgan hissed as her back arched and I pulled her down so she wouldn't move. She tasted so good and it was so fucking addicting.

Yes, this would be the appropriate time to use such word.

I glide my tongue in circulation as I decided to insert a finger inside her and her moans got louder. She was so wet and the sounds she made were so sexy and sensual.

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