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"He's my Omega."

Mrs. Choi stood there, with wide eyes and mouth hanging slightly open in shock. Jeongin was even surprised, his face practically set a blaze at those words. Hyunjin wrapped his arm around the boys waist a serious expression painted on his face as he turned toward Mr. Kim, before he could speak the door was slammed open revealing a clearly pissed man.

"Mr. Choi." Principal Kim greeted the man who gave a cold look toward him. "Where's the little punk that hit my son!" He said raising his voice as he looked around the room.

"Please have a seat Mr. Choi, we're currently discussing the matter." Mr. Kim said as he gestured toward the seat next to Mrs. Choi. The man mumbled something as he walked over and sat down still infuriated. Clearing his throat Jeongin spoke up. "Could we possibly speak with Taehyun's teacher about the incident?" He asked earning a smile and nod from Mr. Kim.

"Mrs. Lee." He called. A lady in her mid 20's entered the room, a small smile on her face as she gave a bow.

"This is Taehyun's and Minjoon's teacher."

She gave another bow before looking at Principal Kim. "They'd like to know what happened." Mr. Kim said with a small nod. Mrs. Lee turned back and gave a soft smile. "Ah the two boy's have been having small arguments here and there of course. Nothing to serious, but I do believe that Taehyun did indeed hit Minjoon over a box of color pencils."

"No I didn't!" The small boy yelled as he glared at his teacher who's eyes went wide. "Minjoon said a bad word about Eomma, and said that I was a bitch. I'm not a bitch!" Taehyun said as he gave a pout. Hyunjin furrowed his brows looking at Mrs. Lee who nervously gulped. "W-well you s-see, Taehyun and M-minjoon-"

"My Son would never say something like that. It was that Brat who hit, my son first!" Mr. Choi exclaimed pointing at Taehyun. Hyunjin stood up looking at Mr. Kim with a serious expression. "I'm sorry, but I won't be punishing my son for standing up for himself. Of course he should have never hit Minjoon." He said before turning around to look at Mr. Choi. "Maybe you should teach your son some manners." Hyunjin said with a small smile.

"Dear could you step out with Taehyun for a second?" He asked looking back at who gave a small nod.

Jeongin gave a small bow before gently taking Taehyuns hand and walking out of the office with the boy. He gave a small huff as he finally breathed in the clear air. "Innie?"Taehyun said softly as he stared down at the floor with teary eyes. "Is TaeTae in trouble?" He asked in a small whimper.

Jeongin's eyes softened and he knelt down to the small boys height. "No your not in trouble Tae, but you can't hit another people okay?" He said as he cupped Taehyun's face and gently brushed away the boys tears. "Innie your not mad at me right? Please don't leave Innie." He said with a small sob as he clung onto the white haired male who smiled and lifted him into his arms. Sighing he gently rubbed his back trying to comfort the younger boy.

Hyunjin stepped out of the office with a sigh running his fingers through his hair before looking up. His eyes locked onto the scene, watching as Taehyun hid his face in the crook of Jeongin's neck and cried. The Omega gently rubbing his back as he comforted the small Alpha.

"Innie can you come home to?" Taehyun asked as he lifted his head to look at the male who gave a small smile. "I don't think so Tae, but you'll have your App—"

"No I want innie to come home, Appa will just be mad at me." He said with a tiny sniffle earning a sigh from Jeongin who brushed his fingers through his hair. "Your appa isn't gonna be mad Tae." He said gently as he gave a sweet smile.


The two looked back at hearing Hyunjin, Taehyun hid his face in Jeongin's neck once again more tears filling his eyes. Hyunjin frowned at bit, at that he really wasn't mad but then again Taehyun thought differently. It was at times like this he wished he had spent more time with his son and had a better bond. He trusted Jeongin more than he did Hyunjin which really made the male envious of that.

Jeongin avoided eye contact with the Alpha as he set Taehyun down. The small boy glanced at his father, before hiding behind Jeongins leg.

"Taehyunnie." Hyunjin said softly as he kneeled down and opened his arms. Hesitantly the boy walked over and hugged his Appa a small sob and sniffle leaving him. "I-Im sorry A-appa please don't be m-mad." He cried as he hugged Hyunjin tigher. Jeongin watched as the Alpha lifted his son into his arms and shushed him, assuring Taehyun that he wasn't angry with him.

"I'm sorry about earlier I didn't want for you to receive any backlash, the Choi's can be quite rude." Hyunjin said earning a head shake from Jeongin.

"N-no it's fine I understand." He said sheepishly. At those words, he felt his heart ache a bit. He wasn't sure why he felt that way, after all it was considered rude to announce someone as your Omega if they really weren't in most cases. However when it came from Hyunjin, Jeongin felt his heart race and his cheeks flush. He would have lied if he said he didn't like it when Hyunjin had called him 'His Omega'.

"I should probably get Taehyun home. Thank you for coming." He said as he gave a slight bow to Jeongin who snapped out of thought and bowed back. "A-ah no problem." He said quickly, his cheeks flushing from embarrassment. He watched as Hyunjin walked down the hall way and made his way out of the school and toward the parking lot. Jeongin sighed and headed the same way.

"Dammit what's gotten into you". He mentally scolded as he walked toward his car. Just as he started his car, his phone rang, looking down at the device he lifted it and swiped answer.

"Ah Seungmin, it's been awhile how are you. Mm yes I'll be there." He said as he put the car in reverse and backed out. Just as he was about to leave the parking space he slammed on the brakes and choked on his spit.

"A WHAT!?"

/I love you guys but I had to leave another cliff hanger😉

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