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"I swear I hate working out on the field during this time

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"I swear I hate working out on the field during this time." Mason grumbled.

We all did. There is so much happening on the field, it's almost impossible to practice without stumbling into someone else. That's why the coach let us have a match on the court first, and now we were running laps.

"Okay, that's it for today." The coach yelled from the sidelines, dismissing us.

"Thank the fucking gods!" Noah said and plopped down on the bleachers.

I tried to breathe in as much air as possible as Mason and I followed Noah.

"Oh look," Aiden pointed towards the field.

"Cheer tryouts are going on." Without even looking at them, I could confirm the smirk on half the team's face.

"Damn, we have some hot freshmen this year." Valentino whistled low, looking at the girls.

"Isn't that your sister, Knight?"

"What? Riley doesn't cheer." I said, looking at him incredulously.

"Well, she is doing it right now." I heard Noah chime from beside me.

Turning back to the field, I finally noticed Riley performing a cheer routine in the center of the group that they have formed.

"She's fucking good." Aiden praised.

"And hot."

"That's my fucking sister, Valentino. Back off." I turned to stare at Valentino, not so silently challenging him to even think about her.

"Geez, you are one hell of a protective brother, Knight." Jayden smirked.

"Not only Knight, you fuck around with her and you'll have two more people beating you up." Noah said smiling sweetly at Valentino.

"That's right." Mason said.

I don't want any of these fuckers coming near Riley. She might look cold-hearted from outside, but in actuality, she is a very innocent and pure-hearted person and I don't want any of these assholes fucking her up.

"Looks like the complete trio is trying out." Aiden commented as we all turned around to see Iris taking Riley's place.

She was wearing simple yoga pants and a sports bra, but damn, those yoga pants are probably the most lethal thing ever.

Her ass looks amazing in that.

As if feeling my gaze on her, she turned around, and our eyes instantly met. She looked kind of surprise to see me. Instead of making some vile gestures that would totally represent the thoughts circling my mind, I simply smiled at her. Smiling in reply, she turned around to start her routine.

Those moves would totally turn me on if I wasn't already turned on by her yoga pants.

Damn those pants and that ass.

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