Chapter 24

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I accidentally drop the champagne glass which causes everyone to look at me, but I don't care. All I care about is the man that is in the middle of the stage, the man who I assumed was dead for five years.

"Dad? "

~Victoria's POV

My body trembles in shock as I see my father, who I thought had died many years ago, make his way over to me. In a flash, the gray haired man, who has age exceptionally well, is right in front of me, cupping my face trying to hold back the tears that are threatening to spill.

I can not contain the tears no longer , I fall into my father's warm embrace, immediately inhaling his signature scent. Oh how I have missed this . I pull back to see my father shed a tear, but wipes it away and turns to the crowd who is watching bewilderedly at the scene in front of them.

My father's voice booms throughout the entire hall. "This is my daughter, Victoria" Whispers and murmurs can be heard from around the hall, most with wide eyes and others confused. My father takes my hand in his and leads me to the stage, where we stand tall in front of the dangerous looking crowd.

Xavior stands with his arms crossed with a blank expression on his face while Jessica is trying her hardest to hide the shock that's completely evident on her face. My father hushes the crowd and when the room is deadly silent, he speaks again.

"As I was saying, this is my daughter, who I had to stay away from for five long years so that I could protect her from any harm." I try to hide my confusion as there are many eyes on us. I try as hard as I can to keep a neutral face, but I'm so overwhelmed with emotions that I don't think I can keep this facade for any longer.

I feel my fathers hand gently grip my own as if he is scared that I'm going to disappear again, before speaking. "Together we shall take down the Knights for he is the reason why I was kept away from my family. We will bring war to his doorstep and make him suffer just like we did! "

Rounds of applause and chants can be heard, but I'm too out of focus to comprehend everything, all I can think about is how the man I am on stage with, is not the same man that use to dance around the house just to cheer me up. No, this man right here has changed, and I don't know whether it's for the better or worse.

As I look up at him closely, I see the wrinkles of time spread across his face , the gray hairs of age prominent as ever, but what stands out most is the extreme muscular gain as well as his aura that is radiating so much power and dominance that he has never possessed before.

I walk off, hand in hand with my father then being led to the hallway. When my father and I are alone, I can't help but hold my father again as I cry the tears that I've been holding back for so long. He holds me tight to his chest, whispering to me how much he has missed me. We break apart after what felt like hours of hugging.

My dad scans me up and down with a smile plastered to his face. He brushes his knuckles against my cheek and sighs a sigh of relief as if he has been waiting for decades to have this moment.

A lone tear drips down his cheek, but this time, he does not wipe it away. He steps back to look at me fully and motions for me to twirl, just like he used to when I was little.

I laugh, but nevertheless, twirl and giggle a bit. He stares at me with disbelief before speaking up. "My beautiful Victoria, look at how you have grown. You look so grown up." he releases a breath and shakes his head, probably trying to comprehend everything.

My father looks to the back of me which causes me to turn around. I see Jess, Kyle and Xavior making their way over to where my father and I are.

Xavior steps to my father and extends his hand out as a sign of greeting. "Good evening Mr Henderson, I'm Xavior Clark" I'm glad he left out the detail of us being together, I want to be the one to break down the news.

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