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Morgan seemed to know the blond which was good, knowing that she had other friends beside Kayla. I put down the things I bought in the table and watched the two stayed silent.

Rachel looked at Morgan with something I was familiar with. Like how Morgan always looked at me on the other hand Morgan frowned and a look I haven't learned of yet but I know she was upset.

I walked over to my girlfriend and took her hand in mine.

"You okay?" I asked but her eyes didn't leave the blond.

"Didn't know you swing this way now," the blond spoke, eyeing me in a judgemental way and I don't know what she meant by that.

"It's none of your business," Morgan muttered and she held me tight.

"Can we talk?"

So in short, they went somewhere to talk after the blond persuaded her a lot of times, kinda reminded of Morgan.

I walked out of her room after deciding to get a breathe of fresh air. Kayla and Mat were bickering and I chose to ignore their problem and invaded their bubble.

"We'll talk about this later," Mat sighed and Kayla nodded. "Wassup Cam? Where's the boss lady?"

"Talking to someome," I answered and we sat down on the bench, looking at other students playing tennis.

"I think the teachers had enough of her tardiness," Kayla snickered.

"It wasn't any of the teachers though," I commented as I played with the pebbles on the ground.

"What do you mean? The only time Morgan actually gets a serious talk is if the teachers talks to her and she'll listen. I dont think she has other friends to talk to seriously other than us," Kayla remarked and had the thinking face on.

"I have never seen her before in campus though. The blondie really wanted to talk to Morgan."


I nodded and she stood up along with Mat who seemed to know something.

"What's wrong?" I asked as I followed them briskly walking towards the room but they weren't there.

"The blonde, did she have a mole under her lip, taller than Morgan, and oozed confidence?"

"Yeah, why?"

"Oh God. Rachel."

"Yeah, that's her name. Morgan called her Rachel. Why are you so worried?"
Does this have to do with how she looked at Morgan?

"Rachel is her ex," she stated.

"Okay? And?" In all honesty I really don't know how exes works.

"It's dangerous to leave those two alone. I mean you can trust Morgan but definitely not Rachel."


"I'm sorry," the blonde that I loved looked down with regret written all over her face.

"For disappearing on me or breaking my heart?"

"For disappearing and I didn't know it would break your heart. I only did what I thought was best."

"Well you look dumber than you look."


"Dont call me that. You have no right."


"What," I deadpanned.

"I'm sorry for disappearing. I was confused, scared. My family threatened me if I continued seeing you but believe me when I refused. Next they told me they would threaten you."

"What could they possibly threaten me with? I snorted. Her family wasn't really in favor of me but we did our best to stay together.

"There was a video with you beating up someone," replied Rachel.

"That wasn't my fault!" I exclaimed. That day I was minding my own business then this girl came and provoked me then started pushing me. I didn't know what happened but my face was in contact with her fist first then the next thing I know I was on top of her and beating her face up.

"I know but the video was recorded when you were beating her up. They even paid the girl to testify against you."

I can't believe this. All this time I thought Rachel disappeared because she was fed up with me. I can never forget the day I cried and the nights I drink myself to sleep but slowly the pain just slowly faded.

I resorted to mild violence that wouldn't get me in serious trouble and fucking other people so I could just forget her.

In my heart I never stopped loving her and hoped one day she'll come back and explain why.

"Then why are you here now?"

"Because I want you back." My heart throbbed inside my chest as I listened to her.

My first love came back to me and all of our dreams started to pop back in my mind but there was person lingered in the back of my head.

The face she makes when she was confused, the way she looked at me whenever we watch a movie and her patience with me and how gentle she was with me.

"If you haven't noticed I'm with someone."

"Yes and with a guy? Are you serious?"

"Who I date is not your business anymore."

"It is my business when you're swinging the wrong way."

"People change Rachel," I lied not because of her but because Cam was part female and she didn't need to know that.

"You've changed."

"Glad I made it obvious."

"Does he make you happy?"


"Does he treat you the way I do?"she asked. It was pretty obvious there was a difference between my ex and Cam.

Sure Rachel showered me with love I've never felt before but Cam showed me how love should feel like, if that makes sense.

Being with Cam required patience because of her inexperience but being with her was easy and fulfilling.

On the other hand everything I felt with Rachel came with consequences. We loved each other to the point that it wasn't healthy but I stayed because I was already familiar with the love she had for me.

"Why are you here?" I ignored her question.

Rachel and I dated since we were twelve years old. I know we were both young.

We had our first time when she turned fourteen and we would fuck wherever and whenever we could.

She was the reason most of my friends became distant so I could assure her she was the only one for me but I was thankful Kayla didn't back out. She never liked Rachel neither did Rachel so when she disappeared Kayla was both happy and sad at the same time.

"To get you back."

"You're years too late. Like I said I'm with someone."

"Then I will use all my power to make you love me again."

I rolled my eyes and decided to turn back but I felt her hand on my shoulder, stopping me. By then a familiar scent filled my nostrils and I turned to see Cam gripping Rachel's wrist, removing them from me and she rubbed her wrist, realizing how Cam must have held her too tight.

Cam looked down at me with fear and realization of something. Kayla and Mat were behind her panting and I know they told her something.

"Cam," I whispered and her face soften.

Rachel scoffed and smirked. "Hi, nice to meet you. My name is Rachel...Morgan's first of everything."

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