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"Okay my turn, I've got a question I've been dying to ask you" Jungkook held my hand in his, tracing each visible line of my skin as if searching for directions on a map.

I hummed in response and kept my eyes on the road, almost serene from the calmness of the drive and the feeling of Jungkook's skin on mine.

"When are you going to tell us that you are a fan of our band?"

I froze, my eyes went wide, my heart suddenly leaped into the walls of the cage that was my ribs and I automatically pulled my hand back towards me as if to retreat after being caught in the midst of a lie. Jungkook chuckled from my beside me and kept my hand firmly in his still resting on his thigh.

I didn't know what to say, didn't know how to address his question. I had not had time to plan a calm and collected response in my head yet for this question and now that it appeared the only thing I managed to visualise were the shelves of albums collecting dust in the office of my old apartment.

"How d-did you know about that?" I asked carefully, trying to hide as much of my embarrassment over the topic as possible.

Jungkook smiled at me, that much was obvious from my side view, but I was too much of a wimp to actually look at him. He still held my hand but how were I to know for sure what he really would think when someone he was forced to be soulmates with had been obsessing over him and his other soulmates long before we got to know each other as soulmates.

"The first time we spoke..." Jungkook began. "You were blasting Dionysus in your ears"

I shook my head in surrender of my own stupidity. Of course they heard that. The music that suddenly went to the back of my mind that day hadn't disappeared. I'd still been thinking about it.

I took a breath and gathered the confidence to throw my embarrassment out the window.

"I wanted to get to know you as you" I started, then took another breath to let my thoughts fall in place in my mind before I continued. "I've been your fan for years, I've probably heard and seen everything you've released since debut. But I knew the second I saw Taehyung that I didn't want to assume I knew him based on that. I wanted to give myself and him a chance to start with a clean slate. And then I pretty much continued down that road with everyone. I thought it would be weird if I acted like I knew you from the get-go, so I've treated you as separate people from the band I love. Just to be able to learn who you are from the way we interact with each other, not how I've perceived you from afar."

"But we are that band you l-love" Jungkook whispered, his eyes were burning into my side.

"I know" I squeezed his hand in assurance, keeping my eyes on the road in fear of losing my calm and collected state.

"I remind myself of that whenever I listen to your songs, and it still catches me off guard when I understand every sentence in Korean." I giggled a bit remembering the first time I realised I could do that and also to try and ease the weird vibe of the conversation in the car.

"Did your opinion of me change when you got to know me?" Jungkook's voice was wary through the question, the weird vibe definitely still present and thriving around us.

"Yes" I stated simply.

His shoulders sank and he stared out in front of him. "How?"

"Before I knew you as Jungkook the person, and only as Jungkook the idol, first of all I considered you to be this small" I said and motioned with my hand to measure about 10cm between my fingers. I laughed as I grabbed his hand in mine again. "But turns out you're much bigger than you were on my computer screen."

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