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Marinette POV

I twirled in my dress, giggling softly as it swayed around me.

I was currently in my room, but there were moving boxes everywhere. You may have guessed it, but yes. I was moving in with Adrien.

It was two weeks since Adrien had gotten back and he easily settled in his new apartment without any hassle, luckily. We didn't want to rush, we really didn't, but it was just so hard... We had been by each other's side for four years straight and we cared about each other so much.

We were soulmates for god's sake.

So no... We couldn't take things slowly. My parents weren't even mad about me moving out. They were ecstatic. I guess I should be happy, but it was still a little bit weird.

It was bound to happen for college anyway and luckily Adrien and I had managed to get into the same one, in Paris of course, because of our duties. He would be studying business, I would be studying fashion.

Today was prom and we had a huge night planned out. A very long night.

You remember the promise we made for when Adrien got back? To do the deed? Well, that kinda got postponed...

flashback of two weeks earlier

I threw myself in Adrien's arms as tears spilled over my cheeks. I had missed him so much.

Of course, it was only two weeks and we facetimed every opportunity we had, but it was hard for us.

All these years we had been by each other's side almost every single hour of the day, as Adrien and Marinette or as Ladybug and Chat Noir.

So two weeks was a huge deal for us, but he was finally back.

I buried my face in the crook of his neck and he ran his hand over my back. "I missed you so much," I whispered in his ear.

I felt him smile against my shoulder. "I missed you too, princess."

We pulled away and he intertwined his fingers with mine. He led me out of the train station and gradually started to run. I was pulled with him and a little squeal escaped my lips.

I ran with him and we were both laughing loudly, happy to be together again. He then pulled me into an alleyway and pushed me against the wall, kissing me tenderly.

I was a little bit shaken because of everything happening so fast all of the sudden, but the touch of his lips made me relax in his hold and I smiled into the kiss.

He then pulled away with a grin, surprising me by transforming.

I looked at him with an amused expression. "You really missed doing that, didn't you?"

"Well, duh", he huffed, "in London, I wasn't able to transform and now I'm finally home."

I quickly pecked his lips before also transforming into my superhero form and grinned at him widely.

He picked me up bridal style and he used his sticks to get us up the roofs.

"Let me go!", I demanded, "I'm Ladybug, thank you very much. I'm capable of transporting myself."

He rolled his eyes, ignoring me fully.

Then I came up with a plan, and I reached towards his belly, poking him in the sensitive area.

He let out a little shriek and let me go.

Instead of falling onto the ground, I swung myself towards my home and I heard him close behind me.

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