Chapter 21

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Kates Pov

I grab my coat and ran down stair meets lucas and daxs at the door putting on there shoes.

" Are you guys Sure you have the time to do this? " I ask grabbing my shoes

" Of course princesse you're our little girl " Daxs says as he takes my shoes out of my hands and he sets me on the little bench next to the door. He bends down and helps me put my shoes on and types them for me. I haven't been in little space as much lately but i think im slipping a little right now.

" Okay you got all of your stuff sweetpea " Lucas asked as he picks me up

"Yup I got my wallet and phone " I say

" Wow no need for the wallet we were paying today " Daxs says as he takes it out of my hand.

I was about to say something but you gave " The look ". We all walk outside and Lucas opens the back seat and I see it, the devil....... The booster seat.

" Can you move that to the trash can please? " I say. He looks at me and just laugh

" Yea No you're short and I don't need you getting hurt and if we get pulled over they might think you're a child" He says as he tries to set me in the booster seat. KEY WORD tried.

I raise my arms to the on top of the car and held onto the top of the car.

" NOOOO you can't make me! IM ADULT" I say well holding onto

" Says the one HAVING tea parties with a dog ! '' He says as he tries to push onto the booster seat.

" THAT was nothing to do with THis " I say

He keeps pushing and manage to get me into the car and into the booster seat.

" Don't even think about it. you get out of that booster seat I will make you right lines" He says to me as he closes the door and gets into the front seat.

I huff and give up.

" SO where too first?" I ask

" Lunch then the mall " Daxs say

" where are we going for lunch thought " i say

" We are going too nik's it one of are friends restaurant " daxs say

" Okay "

We drive for another 15-20 ish minutes until we get to a big restaurant. We park and Lucas opens the doors for me and takes me out of this booster seat.
He holds my hand as we walk inside, and as soon as a waiter sees us she walks over to us and takes us to a booth in the back of the place. We all sat down and she gave us a menu. I was not too sure what to get. I didn't want a salad but I didn't want to get something to expenices because they were paying.

"Soooo what are you guys getting" I ask

" Im getting Scaccia " Daxs says

" what's that ?" I ask

" It's just stuffed flat bread,so what are you getting " Hes ask

" Welll ummm i don't know yet not too sure " I say

" Have you ever had grape jelly meatballs? " He says. What the hell?

" No and I don't think I want grape jelly? " I say

" How about you try it? It's not what is sounds like I promise" he says

" Fine I guess I will try it" I say

We all just talk about what and where we are going after this. After a bit a watier comes over and asks us what we wanted to eat and drink.

" I will get a sweet tea and the chicken parmen" Lucas say

" I will also sweet tea and Scaccia and she will get the grape jelly meatballs and a lemonade" He says

The server wrote it all down and left.

“Thank you” I say

#~#~#~#~#~ 15 minutes later#~#~#~#~#~#~#

The waiter came back with the food and whatever the heck I got smelled great as soon as he left I took a bite and dear god it tasted SO good. Like dear god! The person that made this is a gift from god.

" Do you like it ?" Daxs ask

My mouth was full of food so I just nodded my head.

#~#~#~##~# 30 minutes later#~#~#~#~#~

After we all finished our food we headed out and got back into the car. We headed to the mall.


Hey guys sorry this is a little unfinished and short, a little busy lately and wanted to get this out. I know I messed up on the first few chapters when I said they were twins. I didn't mean to do that. I will fix that later but for now can we just pretend that didn't happen or for some reason you were okay with them being brothers and want me to keep that in just say. Lucas and daxs are best friends and lovers sorry for the mistake. I love you all and have a wonderful day/night.

Bye Myloves

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