Chapter 4: Idiot Wrangling

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Chapter 4: Deuce
Thanks to (Y/N) and Crowley both scaring away bystanders, cleaning went by smoothly thanks to a combination of Weavile's Surf and Swampert's Waterfall. However, it was still energy consuming work and they still had the mirrors to do as punishment. As classes ended, the duo walked into the cafeteria to wait for the red headed idiot.
"I'm already tired from cleaning all day." Grim complained. "But now we have to clean 100 windows."
"Don't complain." (Y/N) warned. "We're in this mess because you decided to continue after Weavile finished it. Besides, she and Swampert did most of the work today."
The cat crossed his arms. "Anyways, that Ace person is late. He has a lot of nerve making me wait! I'm getting annoyed."
The two waited for a while, getting increasingly annoyed until Grim finally exploded.
"There's no way he's this late! He bailed on us!"
(Y/N) growled. "Yeah. Come on. We're gonna look for him, then I'm gonna kill him."
"Yeah! I'm not gonna let him run away and leave us with the punishment!"
Grim hopped on to (Y/N)'s shoulder as she stormed out on a war path. She stomped into a classroom as Grim called.
"No one's here." (Y/N) sighed.
"Nope, I am here." A voice replied.
Grim screamed. "AH! A talking painting!"
"And?" The painting asked. "A talking painting shouldn't to you at this academy. We all speak. Paintings have mouths, so we can talk. Isn't that normal?"
"I would say no, but magic, so what do I know." (Y/N) answered with a shrug. "Excuse me sir, we are looking for someone named Ace. He has a heart on his face and orange hair."
"Ah, a young lady! Pardon my rudeness ma'am."
She smiled. "It's quite alright. I know I'm an odd sight here."
"Finally, someone with manners. I know who you're looking for. He is one of the new students that came in today, right? I saw him heading back to dorm."
The cat growled. "This guy! He really ditched us! Do you know which way he went?"
"He went to the back of the east side school buildings."
"Thank you, sir." The trainer said as she pulled out a pokeball.
Absol emerged with a cry of his name as his trainer pointed in the right direction.
"Absol, fetch."
In the hall mirror, which had active portals to all of dorms, Ace was muttering to himself.
"Do they really expect me to clean 100 windows? I'm going back to my dorm."
As Ace neared the mirror, paw steps echoed in the hall. He turned around in time to see a large, white furred, wolf like creature with a scythe on its head pounce on him. He was pinned on his back as the creature growled menacingly in his face. He was too scared to notice (Y/N) and Grim approaching.
"Well hello there, moron." The trainer greeted in a deadpan voice.
"You found me!?"
Grim snarled. "I'm not letting you get out of your punishment!"
"I really don't have time to talk!" He kicked Absol just enough that he had to step back, giving him enough time to bolt. "See ya!"
"You are so dead!" (Y/N) yelled, chasing after him, Absol right behind her. Grim had to grab his tail to not get left behind.
Ace ran as fast as he could as a blue haired boy appeared in front of him.
"STOP HIM!" (Y/N) yelled.
The boy with the spade under his eye began to mumble, wondering how to stop the red head.
"Do anything!" Grim yelled.
"Anything!? Anything....I got it! Summon cauldron!"
A giant cauldron fell smack on Ace, crushing him.
"Gah! What's this? A pot!?"
Grim laughed. "Bahaha! Just look at him! He got crushed by a cauldron! Loser."
The blue haired boy looked a little guilty. "Do you think that was a bit too much?"
"No, I think he quite deserved it." (Y/N) stated before sitting on the cauldron.
"Gah! Can't breathe! Get off!" Ace pleaded.
(Y/N) crossed her arms.
"I'll get off when you apologize to Absol for kicking him."
The Disaster Pokémon took a seat in front of him, waiting.
Absol nodded and (Y/N) got off. The student who had helped them looked down in disappointment.
"You kicked an animal? How awful!"
Ace glared at him. "It's a menace! It nearly killed me!"
Absol, just to prove him wrong, rubbed up against the blue headed boy and purred as he scratched under her chin.
"He seems pretty friendly."
"He is to people who aren't jerks." (Y/N) explained, tapping her foot. "You. You tried to get out of your punishment."
"Can't you just clean those windows on your own?" The red head argued.
"You started the fight, so you deal with the consequences too! Besides, this is an order from the headmaster!"
"You have to clean windows as punishment?" The student asked. "What did you guys do?"
"I was playing around with the fur ball this morning and then the Queen of Hearts statue got a little burnt." Ace said, not telling the full story.
(Y/N) smacked. "You picked a fight and then you idiots set the statue on fire!"
"You damaged one of the Great Seven statues?!" The student yelled. "Of course you'd get in trouble! You just got into this prestigious academy, and this is what you do on your first day?"
"Shut up!" Ace shot back. "Anyway, who are you?"
"I am Deuce. Deuce Spade. How about you try to remember your classmates' faces? Um..."
"You don't remember me either."
"Anyway, since it's an order from the headmaster, you know you're going to have to do it,"
Ace groaned and finally managed to crawl out from under the cauldron. "Yeah, yeah, I know...I got it. Let's get on with it"
Ace looked around and (Y/N) then noticed someone was missing.
"Ah! The fur ball's gone!"
"Oh, he is so getting a session with my water types!"
"Why you! He took my place!" Ace yelled. "Ah hey! Um...Juice?"
"What!? My name isn't Juice! It's Deuce! Deu-,"
"Well this is your fault too. Help us catch the fur ball,"
"Why do I have to?"
"Because she can't use magic so she's useless!"
"Speak for yourself!" (Y/N) growled before sending out Flygon, in a burst of sparkles, to chase down the run away cat.
The group followed the troublemaker's tail.
"Grim get back here!" (Y/N) yelled as Flygon roared.
Grim was obviously terrified by the dragon quickly closing in on him, so he ducked into the cafeteria, hoping Flygon couldn't follow. What he didn't count on was the dragon being nimble enough to get through. Realizing he couldn't outrun Flygon, he climbed the chandelier, knowing (Y/N) wouldn't risk the damages. Flygon halted midair as the trainer glared at the monster.
"Grim, get down, right now! You're gonna get us in trouble again!"
"No way! Get me down yourself!"
The two males ran in while the Ramshackle residents argued. (Y/N) only noticed them after Deuce sent Ace flying at the chandelier. Flygon moved out of the way while Grim screamed as Ace collided with him. The force was enough to break the chandelier from its support. Luckily, the trainer was faster.
"Gardevoir! Psychic!"
The Embrace Pokémon appeared and caught the falling decoration, setting it down gently. Unfortunately, that did not include Ace and Grim, who hit the floor.
"Unbelievable." Ace groaned.
"Gah..." Grim moaned.
"Crap! I wasn't really thinking where you were gonna land at!" Deuce admitted.
"You don't say?" (Y/N) said as Flygon landed.
"ARE YOU AN IDIOT!?" Ace yelled. "I got Grim, but if the headmaster finds out we nearly destroyed the chandelier-,"
"If I find out...what?" Crowley questioned as he emerged from the shadows.
"Ah, headmaster...." Ace said, scared.
"What. On. Earth. Are. YOU ALL DOING!?"
" head is spinning." Grim continued to moan.
"As if destroying the statue wasn't enough, now you went and destroyed the chandelier!?"
Gardevoir huffed in annoyance as (Y/N) corrected him.
"Hey, Gardevoir stopped it from hitting the ground. It's fine!"
"That's not the issue! I will not tolerate this any longer! All of you are expelled!"
"No! Please forgive me!" Deuce pleaded. "There is something I want to accomplish at this school!"
"Yeah, don't blame Deuce for this!" (Y/N) defended the blue haired boy.
"You can only blame yourself for your stupidity."
"Please headmaster. Gadevoir can easily fix the chandelier."
"That's not the issue. This is a magic chandelier whose candles were to be lit forever! But the magic stone, which is the heart of the magical artifact, has been broken. No two stones are the same. This chandelier might never light up again."
"This can't be." Ace whispered.
"Damn it...what was I doing? How am I suppose to tell my mother?" Deuce said sadly, which only made (Y/N) more determined.
"Is there anyway we can replace the crystal?" She asked.
The headmaster pondered for a moment. "There is one way. The magic stone that was in the chandelier can be made in a Dwarf mine. If you are able to obtain a stone that has the same properties, it might be able to be fixed."
"I will go retrieve the magic stone!" Deuce said firmly. "Please let me go!"
"However, I am uncertain if there are any magic stone left in the mines. It's been closed for a long time now, so there's a possibility all the stones are gone."
"I'll do it if it means I won't be expelled!"
"If there are any stones left, my Pokémon will find them." She returned Flygon and handed off four of her pokeballs to Gardevoir . "Go get Tyranitar, Metagross, Crobat, and Noivern."
She nodded and teleported away. While the boys were in awe, Crowley nodded.
"Very well then, but I will only wait one night. If you do not bring me the magic stone by tomorrow morning, you all are expelled."
"Yes! Thank you so much!" Deuce said.
"Ah, guess I have no choice." Ace complained. "Ok then, let's go get that magic stone!"
"You can get to the Dwarf's Mine instantly through the Mirror Chamber."
"Yes!" They all said.
"Ha! What? What was I doing?" Grim said, finally coming too.
(Y/N) grabbed him by the tail and dragged him away.
"Getting us expelled! Now, you get to help us clean up the mess you made, again!"
"Gah! My tail! Mercy!"

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