chapter 22

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Kates pov

" No more you got me too much already" I say as I try to drag them out of the store

" It you keep whineing about us buying you things I swear to god I will buy everthing in this whole mall"  Lucas say to me

okay I think he is jokeing but I dont want to test it out.

we have been here for hours and They have gotten why too much stuff for me. fisrt we went to hot topic to get some band-Ts and random things, next we went to bath and bodyworks And i got some candles but lucas and daxs said they can only light them which the dumm rule will be broken very fast, when they took me to get some skirts and pants and now we are in some random store wondering around wanting to leave because my feet hurt, my thights are rubbing together and Im sleepy, and daxs is still looking for more clothes which i have more than enough but they don't think so i gusse.

" Can we leave now I sweepy " I say yawning. I look at the time and is 5:42. I just want a little nap.

" Fine we can come back another day but lets get going" Daxs say as he picks me

As we are leave to mall people are looking at use and I think it might be because daxs is careing me, but i feel Super uncomfortable about this so I tap his shoulder and ask me to put me down, He looked at me a little odd because i was just whining about my feet hurting and how tired i was, he put me down but held my hand as we exited the mall well walking though the parking lot.

We get back to the car and lucas puts me in the booster seat. we drove home and i was so tired , Lucas takes me out of the booster seat and carrys me to the door.He seats me on my feet well daxs brings the bags in.

" Okay i will take care of all of this in a bit but for now We have to go do some paper work then make dinner so how about you go get into some comfy clothes and come into the office dose that sound good sweetpea" daxs asks as him and lucas put the bags to the side and take there shose off. I noded my head and walked up the stairs.

I walk into my bed room and take my clothes off. My thights rubbed thought hard to im going to put some baby powered on it. I grab my My light yellow pj's shorts with little bees on them and my white top with a little bear on it. I slip on my cat slip on and grab my bee blanket and head down stairs. I walk into there office and Daxs tells me to come over. He picks and sets me on his lap.

" Just take a little nap I will wake you up in a bit okay " he says to me

I noded my head and close my eyes and fall asleep.

30 mins later

I wake to someone talking i look up too see daxs and lucas talking about gods know what.He see that im awake and smiles.

" still sleepy " He asks

" A little but i can live " I say

" well Lucas put the dino chicken nugget in a wellago so i think they might be ready you ready to eat" He says

As soon as he said dino nuggets I RAN Into the kitchen READY FOR THE NUGs.

Daxs and lucas came walking in laughing.

The reas of the night we ate nuggets watched youtube. They read me a bed time story to sleep.


hey guys it been a bit Never mind on lucas and daxs they are brother I DONT CARE im not changing it. Sorry its been a bit i have been sick but im mostly good now. I hope you enjoy the update i know it not long but the next one will be.

Have a wonderful day/night MY LOVES  

Ps: this is unedited Dont be mean

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