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It's been three days since Morgan's ex appeared and she has been unnecessary getting close to Morgan like literally. Her hands would go around her shoulder or hung her arms on Morgan's and I would see that my girl would squirm her way off but the ex was persistent.

She told to me to trust her and not to worry because Rachel was harmless so I let it be although I really disliked how Rachel is always there wherever Morgan went.

That's just the way it was since they had the same subjects.

Morgan has been telling me stories of what happened between them and I honestly want to kick her because of the disrespect she had to Morgan.

I just don't know why she had to stick around the person who hurt her so much.

I got a text from Kayla that Morgan was having a cold so as soon as I got out of class I made her a something that mom would make me drink whenever I was having a cold, warm water with lemon and honey. I went to the cafeteria and saw Kayla, Morgan and Rachel in the table. My girlfriend looked unwell and I sat beside her.

Rachel who sat on the other side of the table rolled her eyes when she saw me, gliding a glass of yellow liquid. "Here Morgan, drink it."

"What's that?" I asked.

"Hot Toddy," Kayla replied and sighed.

I've heard of that one before from my granny. Based from what I heard back home drinking one wasn't good because there was alcohol in it. Alcohol dehydrates and discomforts the person so why would you let a sick person drink it.

Morgan took it as if they had done this all the time. Before she could take a sip from the glass I took it from her and set it aside, making the ex crease her brows.

"What the fuck are you doing?" The ex hissed as she handed the glass back to Morgan.

"I can take care of her. Thank you for your unnecessary concern," I replied as I uncapped the bottle that had the drink I made.

"That's right. Take care of your girl Cammy," Kayla sassed.

"Morgan has been drinking this whenever she was sick so back off," Rachel growled.

"Let someone else drink your alcohol, don't give it to my girlfriend," I made sure to slowly let the word roll out my tongue to piss her off. She has done her part before and she had to learn her place.

I put the straw in the bottle so it will be easier to drink and have Morgan take it.

"Thanks," she replied and I smiled. Rachel rolled her eyes and drank hers instead.

"Want to skip class and rest?" I asked Morgan who nodded.

"We have an activity today," Rachel commented to stop us but we ignored her. We stood up and laid back on my bed as I let her change to my shirt and caressed her to sleep.

"Your ex is annoying," I confessed and she giggled.

"I noticed," she snuggled into me

"If you leave me for her, you're going to regret it," I joked and she giggled softly and slowly dozed off to sleep as I feel her breath on my neck and a soft snore.

The next day Morgan felt a little better to attend her class. Just a little stuffy nose but no fever. We showered separately so we wouldn't be late for school. I had on my uniform and Morgan unbuttoned the first two buttons and ruffled my hair. She placed back and forth in my bathroom with her top on and panty. Her butt wiggled and it has become my favorite thing to slap it and she would hissed at me.

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