Chapter Thirty- Five

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Yibo looked at Zhan. Who was struggling to open his eyes.

"I'm here, Zhan. Don't worry. Everything is okay." Yibo said, stroking Zhan's hair slowly.

After few moments, Zhan finally open his eyes, adjusting the light.


"Sussh!! Don't talk." Yibo said, stroking Zhan's face softly.

Zhan couldn't hold himself but started crying. He was just staring at Yibo.

"Hey, why are you crying? Don't cry. Everything is okay. You are safe now." Yibo said with a slight smile on his face.

Zhan didn't reply but, tried to sat on the bed.

"Ouch." Zhan flinched when he felt the pain in his head. He touched his head, it was half bandaged.

Yibo helped Zhan to sat properly.

"Do you need something??!" Yibo asked, standing beside Zhan.

Zhan didn't say a word but hugged Yibo tightly.

__Xiao Zhan's POV__

I don't remember anything clearly what exactly happened back then, but when I opened my eyes. I saw Yibo was standing beside of me. I exhale a large breath, seeing him again.

My head was half bandaged. It's hurt so much. I can't even move properly. I couldn't help myself but crying. I'm feeling like, I just came back touching the death.

Yibo helped me to sat up properly. I'm so happy to see him again. Honestly, back then I thought, I won't able to see him again. My love, the man I love most in this world, I won't able to see him again. It made so sad.

"Do you need anything?" Yibo asked looking at me.

I couldn't stop myself but hugged him tightly. Tears were dropping immensely.

"You. I need you. Can you stay beside me. Please?" I said sobbing.

He hugged me back and said, "I'm not going anywhere. I'm here with you and I will be with you always."


"Mnn, promise."

I felt little childish about the promise but can't help. I really love this man so much.

"Are you okay, Zhan?" Yibo asked, we are still hugging each other. But, I'm not crying anymore. I felt really peaceful in Yibo's arm. It's so warm and perfect.

"Mnn." I replied, closing my eyes.

"Wanna sleep?" He asked.

__Author's  POV__

Zhan didn't respond when, Yibo asked him about sleeping. Then he checked Zhan, breaking the hug and  found he was already sleeping. Yibo carefully laid him on bed, covered his body with blanket and sat beside him.

"Excuse me sir, is everything okay?" The nurse asked coming in the cabin.

"Yes. He talked then fall asleep." Yibo replied.

"Okay. You have to go out now." The nurse said.

"Why?" Yibo asked, getting up from sitting.

"Doctor is coming for a check up. So..

"So what? I'm his husband. Why I can't stay?" Yibo asked cutting the nurse in middle.

"What happened here?" Doctor asked, entering in the room.

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