Ch.2: Afraid.

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Once everyone left the cell leaving the doctor with mutant behind, she pats his head.

“Get up” she says.

The mutant quickly crawls away from her and opens his eyes to close them again.

“Do you need this many lights?” he groans and cover his eyes.

“Are your eyes sensitive?” she stands up and grabs her notepad and a pen.

“Yes, they are! Didn’t the other doctors tell you?”

She writes and walks towards the light switch “You killed the other doctors” she looks at him “But some of them left their notes, however, I don’t like starting my work from where others left it. I like starting from 0” she turns off the lights as the emergency lights turned on. They were more dim than the other lights but she could still see “Is this better?”

He takes his hands off his eyes and sees the cell “This is fine” he stands up and looks at the new reconstructed place “But this place sucks” he frowns.

“It’s clean, as it should be” she keeps writing and then sits down on a chair “For today session I want to ask you some questions”

He sits down on his bed looking at her.

“Okay” she stops writing “When was the last time that you eat?”

He shrugs looking at the side “When was the last time that you sent a doctor here?”

“Right” she keeps writing “What’s your favorite color?”

“Does it matter?” he looks at her.

“It does”

He shrugs “I pass"

She looks at him for a couple of seconds and starts writing.

“What’s your favorite food?”

“I pass”

“When was the last time that you read a book?”

“I pass”

“When was the last time that you saw a movie?”

“I pass”

“Why do you refuse to answer my questions?”

“...I pass”

She frowns “Do you remember who brought you here?”

“I pass”

He wasn’t even trying to answer her questions.

“This is stupid” he keeps talking “What are all these questions?”

“I’m trying to find the psychological line between your human side and your ghoul side”

“I told you I’m not a fucking ghoul!” he glares at her.

“Your temper is the same as the ghouls. They are easy to taunt” she writes down “What makes you human is the ability to think and talk back”

“If you already know that I can talk back then why do you have to ask another question”

“The first symptom after being infected is the memory loss, amnesia if you want to sound fancy”

“I don’t suffer memory loss”

“Okay” she stops writing and looks at him “I’ll stop with the questions if you answer me only one”

He crosses his arms “Okay”

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