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Years later

The Soulier's were exiled from the kingdom and stripped off their titles. Everyone who supported them were also banned from the country and that was just the minimum punishment I had given them. Greg didn't want bloodshed in the kingdom and father really appreciated everything.

It took me this long to organize and settle the Kingdom back like it was before.

We were searching for those traitors in the country and removing them one by one but we didn't blacklist them so they could have a chance at life.

Mat became my right hand man and we became the closest friends. Everybody moved on, we haven't gone back to our highschool life ever since we arrived here. Mat understood the responsibilities he had and I owed him my life.

When we took back the kingdom Bernard hid behind the King as he threatened us with a knife.

Talk about honor.

Such a coward move.

Anyway, I didn't notice someone was hiding in the corner but Mat noticed him, blocking the pathway of the bullet and hitting him instead. Greg shot down the gunner and while Bernard was distracted the King was able to Karate move on him.

It was a long night for everyone as they gathered every one in one place. They were a lot of them but we couldn't avoid any casualties. Because of Greg, no one died in our family but only severely injured. I assured them of their future and swore to protect everyone.

Mat almost died in the operating room but I was glad he survived. He now has a bad scar under his chest and he treats me the way he did in school which I appreciated. Whenever we were alone he would just call me Cam and think back of the past.

My father wanted me to take the crown for he was old but he wanted me to marry first and there was no one I wanted.

We talked about I didn't want to marry a prince and he laughed at my face saying how would he have grandkids if we were sword fighting.

Kayla dived in the world of politics and she was a strong candidate. Mat would step out of the room whenever she was on TV. The guy cried when she broke up with him and I was sorry it happened to them.

Kayla and me met one time in another country during her college years and she was shocked seeing me in female clothes. I had to explain to her I was experimenting and she took it quite well. Now she thinks I'm gay man.

Good thing Mat wasn't with me which was a good thing or else there would be bloodshed. We didn't talk about Morgan which I appreciated. Last time I checked, she was tagged alot in pictures of Rachel's. They looked homey and comfortable. That was years ago. I don't know if she went to college but I hoped she pursued a career. Maybe a Guidance Counselor or an instructor in Karate.

At the age of twenty three I was more matured. I now drink liquor, thanks to Mat. I maintained my short hair hidden by the long wig. In short I lived a double life.

A Princess during the day and a maniac during the night with my guy attire and dick.

It would take to prank my Secretary, Simon so I could escape from the palace. He knows of my condition and my hidden life at night and he swore to secrecy.

It was weekend meaning Mat and I had an appointment tonight. Which required my other outfit. I dismissed my secretary telling him I would get an early sleep. What a load of bullshit. I knew he didn't believe it but he pretended to though.

We arrived in Krasota, it was a decent bar co-owned by Igor and Natasha, the Russians. We were the usual customers and he recognized me somewhere when I first came but I brushed him off. We became close to him and the other chick Natasha. She reminded me of grandma.

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