Chapter 6

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3rd person POV:

"If they're sleeping here, some of them are going to have to double up."

"Yeah that's not going to settle." Clint chuckled at his wife. "What about Nat and Dr Banner, how long has that been going on?" She asked. "Has what?" Clint asked cluelessly causing Laura to giggle. "You are so cute." She says through laughing. "Nat and Banner?" He asked slightly surprised. 'I'll explain when you're older, Hawkeye."

"It's bad right? Nat seems really shaken. So does the kid." Laura walks over towards her husband before looking him in the eyes sympathetically. "Ultron has these allies. These kids, their punks really. They carry a big damn stick, Nat took a serious hit."

"What about Katia, she looked terrified. Not to mention she is enhanced." Laura points out.

"Katia. She's been through hell and back the last few hours. Ultron's allies are her older siblings. They are also enhanced, her sister got into everyone but mine and Stark's heads. Showed them their worst fears. She must have been mad and Katia, her illusions lasted the whole flight here."

"Oh god." Laura whispers under her breath. "Yep, now she won't talk about it. Not only that but she doesn't have a choice but to hear everyone else's."

"So she can hear their thoughts?" Laura questioned, tucking a strand of dark hair behind her ear. "Yeah, she's dealing with everyone else's and her own, no fourteen year old should have to deal with that. Someone's gonna have to teach them kids some manners."

"Someone being you? You know I totally support your avenging. I couldn't be prouder, but I see those guys, those gods..."

"You don't think they need me." Clint said as he started out the window seeing Stark and Steve cutting wood and Katia standing on the pile of wood, her wings stretched, chopping logs with a flick of her enhanced wrist.

"I think they do, which is a lot scarier, they're a mess."

"Yeah, I guess they're my mess." Clint replied, avoiding eye contact and fixing his gaze on the solemn looking teenager. "You need to be sure, that this team is really a team and that they have your back. Things are changing for us, in a few months time you and me are going to be outnumbered. Just be sure." Laura said as she laced her hand on her bump. "Nat told me you got hit, how comes there's nothing there?" Laura said with her husband's arm wrapped around her. "You have Katia to thank for that, she healed me, knocked her out cold in the process. That's how we found her."

Laura smiled widely, thankful to the young teen. "Well, she was there for you. I need you to be there for her. I can see, she is in need of support from everyone. Maybe I'll talk to her in a little while."


Laura walks into the Kitchen to see the teenager sitting at the table talking with Lila. More like Lila asking a large list of questions to which Katia is trying her hardest to answer.

"Can you show me your powers?" Lila asked, her eyes wide as she turned to Katia practically begging. The teen smiled as she placed her palm out towards the child. Her eyes glowed a bright icy blue as water condensed into the shape of a bunny. The bunny hopped through the air around Lila as the teen curled her fingers continuously to direct the water. Lila giggled as the bunny hopped into her hand and froze into a miniature ice sculpture. Lila tossed the bunny between her hands before holding her palm out towards Katia and watching the bunny evaporate into thin air.

"Hey Lila, I'm going to steal Katia for a bit, why don't you go play with your brother." Laura said with her arms gently crossed, leaning in the doorway.  The little girl frowned before turning her head back towards Katia. 'Later,can you show me how you use your wings." She pleaded before running off up the stairs to find her brother. Laura and the teen chuckled just as she sat down next to the teen, her smile slowly changing.

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