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Freya and Rebekah quickly ran upstairs to gather the things they needed to wake Hayley. Klaus, Elijah and Kol stayed downstairs with Marcel.
"What exactly did she say to you?" Elijah asked him eventually.
"Um, she told me the story about how she was born and sent away. She said something about needing a grimoire to do a spell."
"Well she obviously doesn't need it that badly if she runs away before I give it to her." Klaus added.
"What do you mean? No, no, she only left the house because I was dying." The mikaelson brothers looked at him, concerned. "Yeah, I don't remember it well but from what I do recall I had minutes to live if she didn't lift the spell."  The silence in the room echoed, drowning out the rest of the thoughts in Klaus' head.
"Why would she- Why would she save you?" Kol asked in confusion.
"I don't know. I guess she isn't as evil as she comes across." Elijah and Kol nodded in agreement and Klaus read the room, disagreeing with them all.
"No, no, that little bitch is more evil then our minds could possibly envisage." They all looked at him like he was insane. "Why does she even want that grimoire anyway? Whats so special about it?"
"I dont know, Klaus, all I know is that she needs it. Desperately."
"To do what? Kill us all?"
"No.. she seemed quite.... distraught and hopeless."
"I think Niklaus' paranoia is making him think his younger sister is an untrustworthy scheming she-devil." Elijah added.
"She is! And nothing you can say will make me change your mind. You lot dont know what you're talking about. You dont know what she said to me."
"Are you referring to the story about how her mother sent her away as soon as she was born?Or how her own father was killed infront of her and her pack kicked her out? Or how about she was turned immortal with no idea what was happening and had to spend eternity all alone?"
"Wait, shes a wolf too?" Marcel cut in.
"Yes, I thought you said she told you her story?"
"She did. But only that her mother didn't want her and sent her away. Has she the same father as Klaus?"
"Yes, she is my full sister, what does it have to do with anything?"
"Well that makes her a North East Atlantic Wolf. Don't they have that curse once a hybrid beast was created they would rob them of the ability to turn?" The compound went silent once again.
"Marcel is right." Klaus muttered under his breath. He ran to the table to grab the grimoire his sister had so desperately needed and flicked through its pages. He stopped at one page.
"What is it, brother?" Kol asked from far back.
"Every wolf born with another ability that is not to turn into beast every full moon, must suffer as long as they have been an abomination."
"So you're saying..." Elijah started.
"When I binded myself of my werewolf side, it relieved me of the curse. Although I found a way out of it, Anna might not have been so lucky."
"So because she's a witch as well as a wolf," Marcel started. "The curse will make her suffer as long as she has been a practicing magic."
"1000 years?" Kol asked.
"How come the curse is starting now? Why not centuries ago?" Queried Elijah.
"It says that the beast who the curse is cast upon might be able to hide from the ancestors."
"Which makes sense considering shes been hiding for the past 1000 years."
"She needs that grimoire to stop the curse, or else she'll undergo 1000 years of torture."
Klaus went quiet. It all made sense. The reason why Anna had hidden beneath the shadows for so long. Why she had wiped his memory and why she had just reappeared now. Klaus was torn. He didn't know whether to do the right thing, to let down his guard once again and help his sister, or to stay strong and let her suffer.
"Freya, Rebekah!" He yelled. "We need to go!" Elijah, Kol and Marcel looked at him, delighted he had chosen to do the right thing.
Freya and Rebekah appeared on the top floor balcony.
"What is it?"
"Our sister is in trouble. And only we can help her."

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