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A/N: I'm so glad that you guys are enjoying this, now that I'm officially on spring break ill try to update more this coming week. Here is Chapter 13 :) !!

Next-Day, Morning

Y/N's POV:

B/F/N has been stable all night, and hopefully, they can operate this morning. My patient, Jackie, is doing well and healing. They still haven't found her father and her mother is recovering from surgery and still has not woken up, She may have fallen into a coma but they aren't sure yet. I didn't leave the hospital all night and fell asleep next to B/F/N. I sat next to her and looked at how peaceful she looked. She always had a smile on her face and would make me laugh. Then I heard a knock at the door. It was Dr. Min and Dr. Jung, "Good morning Y/n, how are you?" Dr. Jung said. "I'm doing okay, are you both going to be able to go back in and finish?" I asked nervously. "Yes, and The chief will be there too as an extra set of hands. Do you have any questions?" Dr. Jung said. "What time will the surgery be taking place?" I asked. "In about an hour, mina and the other interns are in there right now prepping the OR and soon she will be heading up." Dr. Jung said. I nodded. "Don't worry Y/N we will do everything we can." Dr. Min said. They both nodded and left to prepare. While I knew it would be some time before they brought her up, I decided to go check up on Jackie.

I go to Jackie's room and saw her talking to Dr. Jeon. "Good Morning, Dr. Jeon," I said and he smiled. "Good Morning Dr. L/N, How is your Bestfriend doing?" he asked. "She made it through the night and they will be operating on her soon. How is Jackie doing?" I asked as I smiled and greeted her. "She is recovering well, You and Dr. Kim Taehyung did very well." "How are you feeling right now Jackie?" I asked. "I am feeling a lot better," she asked. Then Dr.Taehyung walked in, "Hi Jackie, Y/N, Jungkook," he said. Jackie smiled at him and kept wiggling her eyebrows as if he had to say something. Then he shook his head but when I made eye contact he just smiled and said, "Kids" I chuckled. "Well, I have to go now," I said and excused myself. "y/n, wait," he said. "Yeah did you need something,?" I asked. "No, I just wanted to ask how your best friend is doing," "She is doing.." That's when I heard the speaker saying code blue.

Then we both ran in the direction everyone else was going. It was B/F/N room. "What happened?!" asked Taehyung. "I don't know she just began to crash." one of the nurses said. They began to help her. I just stood there, lost. Jungkook ran to the room and went inside. "I'll take over chest compressions, quick the paddles." He said and Taehyung did as he said. "Clear," Taehyung said. Nothing, "Alright, 300," they gave her medication and bumped it up. "Clear," Taehyung said. They waited for a second and got a heartbeat. "Tell Dr. Min and Dr. Jung that we are bringing up the patient now," Taehyung said. One of the nurses quickly began to inform while everyone including Jungkook took B/F/N to the O.R. I had tears down my face and hated that I couldn't do anything. I grabbed her things and brought them to my residents' locker. After I got to my locker I put them in there and decided to go back to my patient to check up on her.

Once I reached Jackie's room there was a man in there, "Hello, I'm Dr. L/N," I said as I took out my hand to shake his hand, "Hi I'm Jackie's Father, Peter" he said. "Nice to meet you. Last night Dr. Kim Taehyung, Dr. Min, and I performed surgery on your daughter and she happens to be recovering very well." I said. "How is my wife doing?" he asked as he held his daughter's hand. "She got through surgery and Dr.Min is waiting for her to wake up to evaluate how she will recover. and if her surgery went as plan. If you would like to see her, I can take her to you but I can't take Jackie just yet." I said. "What? why? I want to go see my mom." she said and began to cry. "I know but you can't be moving just yet, we have to wait a day or two. okay," I said. She nodded but had tears down her face. "Alright I will let you see her but you have to be brave," I said. That's where Dr. Kim Namjoon entered. "Hi, I'm Dr. Kim Namjoon, I was one of your wife's surgeons." "Jackie wait right here, I'm going to get you a wheelchair, then we will go see your mom," I said and went to get her wheelchair. I got back and set it up. "Alright let's slowly get you up, Namjoon get the iv bag please," I said. We got her up and she sat in the wheelchair. He got the iv bag and hung it on the pole from the wheelchair.

We got to the room and her mother was awake. Dr.Min was there. "Hello Dr., How is she?" her husband asked. "She is doing well and is expected to make a full recovery," he said. "Jackie you can stay here for a bit then we have to go back to your room okay," I said. She nodded and hugged me. "Thank you," she said. I patted her back and she smiled. I walked out and waited for Dr.Min. He walked out and smiled. "Yoongi, How is B/F/N? Is she okay?" I asked. "She did great, She is currently recovering, she should wake up pretty soon," he said. I hugged him and thanked him so many times. "No worries, Would you like to go see her?" He said. I nodded and he brought me to a room. There stood Jungkook and Taehyung. "Thank you," I said and hugged both of them. I had tears but was so happy. I turned to B/F/N, and she laid there slightly smiling and opened her eyes slightly as well. "Hey...I missed you.." she said. "Hey...I missed you too" I said. "I have to tell you...something, " she said. "Tell me tomorrow, when you feel better," I said. "No,... It's about your mom" she said. That's when my heart dropped. "What is it?" I said. she stayed quiet and said.


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