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"Hey Y/N?" Suddenly the door of your room opens and Jin pops out. "What are you doing?" He asked as he approaches where you were currently at.

You showed him the bracelet you made. Hoseok came to your room just to give you these tiny little beads and told you to make a bracelet when you get bored when they're gone, which was very nice of him to do.

"I was making a bracelet," you answered as you continued adding designs to the bracelet you just made. Jin came and sat down beside you, glancing at the mess you established.

He nodded. "Where did you get that from?" He grabbed the other bracelets you made. You technically made loads of bracelets from how many Hoseok gave you. You also figured that if you compel further bracelets, you can bestow them to the boys as a souvenir.

"Hoseok gave me these a while ago before they went on." You grabbed the box full of the bracelet materials. "He said I should make one when I'm feeling punctured." And you didn't want to admit, you did enjoy making bracelets like a child. You just desire that the boys will appreciate it.

Jin eyed the jewelry closely as he smiled at you. "It looks good Y/N." He nodded, his smile still there. While you were delighted that one of the boys adored it.

"Why did you create so many though?" He inquired when he grabbed all the bracelets that you put together.

You smiled at his question. "I was going to give it to someone."

He gave you a questioning look, still holding the precious bracelets you brought about. There were so many varieties of colors you added to the bracelets that you think suit their taste.

"Who is that someone? Let me remind you that you're not allowed to go outside without the others' permission." He straightened his face and it turned more serious this time.

You swear you can almost laugh by his remark. "I know that. I wasn't giving these to my friend at school," you explained. But before he can ask a question furthermore, you interrupted him. "I decided it would be better to give it to you guys."

His previous serious face was now replaced by his eyes widened and mouth opened as he glanced at the bracelet he was holding.

"This was for us?" He narrated the exact comment you performed just to make sure he was hearing this right. You nodded then showed him the jewelry you're presently making.

"And this bracelet right here is for you," you stated as you give him the pink mixed with other colors, bracelet. "I think it suits you the best."

Jin slowly grabbed the bracelet out of his grasp then agreed on putting it on his wrist. Once he positioned it on his right wrist, he wriggled it around as his face was now full of happiness you can't even comprehend. He looks so happy.

"Oh my, I honestly admire it a lot." He nodded. "I didn't know you were going to give this to us. But if it's alright, allow me to ask why?"

You clutched the other souvenirs you made and scanned them as well. "Nothing. I just wanted to give you guys some gifts for not killing me while I'm here." He laughed at the final comments.

"Well, I think the others will surely like this just as how I appreciate this." He smiled. "I don't know why I'm so happy about receiving jewelry but I'm glad." He truly did not realize yet why he was suddenly feeling like this.

As both of you turned silent after Jin confessed, you put the remaining in the extra box Hoseok provided you since he also explained to you to make a lot, so when the other's break you still have another one. But of course, you decided to make numerous to lend it to them because you're a kind individual.

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