Chapter nine

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Mybe I took it the wrong way or it might be that I missed something.

"Plan the wedding"

Those were his exact words.

But what we're busy doing is not even close to planning. Its more of I already planned this whole thing and I'm just simply laying it out for you.

What did you expect? He doesn't love you. Remember this marriage is out of convenience.

"There's not going to be a big celebration. Just close family and friends. You are to invite your friends and fat as well,just keep the number at a minimum. ", he says while I blankly stare at his perfectly chiselled face.

I nervously gulp feeling guilty for thinking like that.

I can't help but be confused.

"Its seems that you've got everything planned out already. Not to sound rude but why did you tell me to meet up with you to plan this if you've already got everything planned", annoyance and confusion lacing in my voice.

Something flashes in his eyes but he quickly closes his eyes and I'm unable to decipher what it was.

I can only imagine the pain he's going through having to get married to someone else. That someone being me.

I remember seeing him and his late wife on the internet. They were the perfect couple. Than little Reece came along and they were a happy family.

Now, he's managed to stay out of the media's eyes and he's no longer on the tabloids other than how his businesses are booming. Honestly, I don't think anybody has ever seen him smile again ever since his wife's passing.

His wife was a housewife. She's worked a fair share of her life as a run way model and retired a little over 12 years later. She had a body to die for, hourglass figure that I can swear. She was a ginger,a very beautiful one.

I'm the exact opposite , I'm living on such a little amount per month that it has become really overwhelming. I've really been insecure about my body since I don't got curves and my boobs are way too big for my slim body.

"As much as I really don't want to be here, I thought that it was wise of me to actually come and present to you what I had in mind. Its not finalized yet,you are more than welcome to give your input Ms. Kadesa", He says making me eat up my words.


"Oh,uh right. I'm sorry ", I look down at my feet.

I didn't really add much onto what was already planned apart from the fact that I chose to have the wedding at a private garden which is behind the home of Mr. Namboga and the reception was strictly to be at one of his lavish hotels as instructed by his mother.

Now what really sets me off edge is that fact that we're getting married in a weeks time. Five more days and I'll be mrs. Namboga.


How many hours is that?

Its all too much. Even though I'll be seeing Danny at work,it won't be the same anymore. We've been roommates since forever and can't imagine being so far away from her.



My Café

"Uhm sir-

"Tyson. Call me Tyson.",he says cutting me off.



"Its only fair you call me Ammy aswell", I say looking into his eyes. There seems to be no life in them.


"As I was saying,when are you going to pay off my debt? Tommorow marks the fifth day. Wait,you are going to settle my debt right?", a choking panic welled within me that had tears brimming my eyes.

"Your debt has already been settled Ammy. I got ahold of your landlord the day I came to your café", relief floods my system and I immediately hug Tyson.

Realisation of what I'm doing hits me and I hurriedly scramble back to set some distance.

He looks taken aback but quickly covers it up by standing up.

I couldn't help myself though, I mean finally the feeling of helplessness is gone. I never would've been able to come up with that amount if weren't for mrs. Emma . I'm beyond aesthetic right now.

"T-thank you so much sir, I mean Tyson.", my overly excited self wanting to jump up and down says.

"No thank you for agreeing to take on a role of being daughters mother",he chokes out the last word.

"Right,uhm how is she? I've really missed her, its been a while since she came at the café."

"She's fine, she can't stop talking about you. Reece really likes you",he says a faint smile creeps on his face.

He smiled.
Oh my, Tyson just smiled.

"She's so sweet and adorable, I can't wait to see her again", I say flashing him a smile. "Is there anything else?"

"No, we got everything."

"Great, I'll take my leave now."

"Okay, I'll see you out"

Taking one glance around the penthouse and follow Tyson to the door.

"Uh,bye", I say waving akwardly.

He doesn't respond.

My lungs seem to freeze.

His eyes take me in once more and clenches his fist like he's fighting against something.

"Bye ,and don't forget that you're going with my mom to pick out a your wedding dress",he says. That's the last of it. He slams the door in my face.

Sigh,well that went great.

Note the sarcasm

Turning on my heels, I pass by the other two doors and wonder who else shares this floor with him.

Getting into the elevator I press the first floor button and down I go.

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