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Diego pov

Emilio, Carlo, Stefano, Timo, Liam and Alex and i were walking through the hallway, on our way to class.. obvioulsy getting all the stares.
The other boys were going to their classes aswell.
Allina was sleeping in her carseat so that was good.
We came to our class and walked in, we were a little late, but teachers never talked back to us bc even they were scared. We walked in and everybody was already there, the room fell silent and eyes went to us and Lina.

"Goodmorning boys, the Principal told me about your sister, awhh look at the little gi-"
He said while walking up to us

I grabbed his hand before he could touch her cheeck.

I said while throwing his hand back

"I-i'm sorry... take a s- seat"
The teacher said.

I and Carlo sat down next to each other with Lina and the rest of the boys took their seats aswell.

We were about 15 minutes into class when i saw that Lina started to move, which means she will wake up, and she did. She rubbed her cute, big ,blue and green eyes, and looked around abit, she then started crying.
So i stood up and crouched down next to the carseat and unbuckled her straps, i gently picked her up and placed her on my chest.
The whole class fell silent and was staring.
I then sat bacl down while Lina stopped crying and falling back alseep bc she was on my chest. We found out that all of the Luciano boys can calm her down and get her to sleep with just simply placing her on their chest.

I said to the teacher

The whole class was looking at me shocked... they had obviously never seen me this gentle.

"What are you looking at?!"
I said quite loud which caused Lina to wake up again and start crying.

I stood up and walked out, Stefano,Emilio and Caro following me.

We stood in the hallway rocking her for about 10 minutes.

"I think she fell back asleep"

arlo said

"Yeah, i should have watched my tone...i still need to get used to this.. "
I said

"We all need to get used to it still"
Emilio said

We all waited a few more minutes and then walked back in.
We eventually finished the class, with Lina sleeping on my chest the whole time.

This went on a few classes, she had slept with me and Carlo.
We were now in the last class before lunch and Babygirl was on my chest again. Our teacher was VERY strict and loud... she was never Nice... we never really botherd it... but now...

2 students were talking in the back of the class and the saw... and she got mad..

she screamed, which caused Lina to flinch awake and start crying.

Carlo, Emilio and Stefano emidiatly walked over to me, while i was standing and rocking her trying to call her down.. but she was clearly in shock bc she didnt stop.

We got our stuff and while we walked in out i heard Stefano say: "Look what you did, idiot!"

I chuckled a little, but Allina didn't have it, she kept crying.

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