Chapter 1✨

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Type Pov

I'm Type Kanawut Kugimiya and I am 23 years old, graduate of Business Administration, and here I am fulfilling my Papa Gulf's dream. That dream is to renovate this hotel into the best hotel in one of the island in Thailand. My Papa Gulf's dream is now come true and that through me. I'm currently writing an invitation for the opening of this hotel. I wrote an invitation to my 3 handsome father and for my grandmother. My Papa Gulf is one of the lucky guy on the world to gave birth to a baby and that's me now.
I hope this would be successful for my Papa Gulf's dream. If he's still alive this would be perfect for us. I thought to my self as i wipe the tears on my cheeks.

As i was done with the invitation i got down to see the most great person i have by my side my manager Mr. Asher Wilson.

"You know what it is better if we deliver this invitation already" i said to Mr. Asher as i get down the stairs.

"It would probably great" he said as he get the box of invitation on me and pass it on one of the workers. "I will just deliver it to them." he said while smiling. He's already old and i don't want him to be tired by just delivering it. He have to be here i needed him.

"No you have to be here Uncle Ash, you have to witness the grand opening of this hotel." i said while walking towards the picture of my Papa Gulf that one of the workers putting on the wall. He's already old in that picture.

"What ever your dream Type i would always be here for you." he said patting my head.

"This is he's dream, My Papa Gulf would really be happy for this" i said while looking at my papa Gulf's picture.

"You've done more much he's dream Type" he said looking also at my papa Gulf's picture. He looks like he also lost his son while his looking at my Papa Gulf's picture. I smiled looking at Uncle Ash.

"I guess for me it wasn't enough, I wish i could ask him, i wish i could see him" i said with full of sorrow in my voice. Are conversation got interrupted by the sound of the boat who would collect the invitation.

"It's collection time make sure there wouldn’t be left." Uncle Ash said. The worker nodded and walk at our back but before he could step outside i stop him.

"Wait" i walked towards the worker who stop and looked at me. I looked at those invitation and got the invitation that supposed to be on my grandmother. I looked at uncle and he looked at me confused. "She wouldn't come, she never come on any especial days in my life and my Papa Gulf's life." i ripped it and smiled lightly on uncle ash. "Don't worry if Papa Gulf still here he would probably do the same." i chuckled lightly. I looked at my papa gulf picture remembering all the story my Papa tell me.

Third Person Pov

The Teacher was now talking infront of the students and parents who had attend graduation. Gulf is now walking fast to his chair beside mild and Win, he's really late in his graduation because he waited for his mother to come but he never showed up. He sit beside them while listening to what the teacher was talking about.
Gulf would be graduating in France he study there and met Win, because mild is his childhood friend so they are super close since young. Mild and Gulf decided to study on France.

"I wanted you all to congratulate from your sacrifice for 4 years of your life, here you are getting the best reward for all of you. Being your teacher who witness your hard work, i am so proud of all of the students and also for all the parents. So now we are all witnessing the Validictorian speech of one of the most smartest students in this school. Let's have around of a plows to Mr. Gulf T. Kanawut our Validictorian." the teacher said with a proud expression on his face. Gulf who have been overwhelmed by the teacher said stood up and bowed to all the audience before walking through the stage.

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