Chapter 2✨

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Type was checking all the preparation for the opening.

"oh little to left, little bit more and down just a bit. " Type Instructed to the worker who is putting the name of the hotel "There perfect, Thankyou" Type said as the worker just bowed at him. Type walked through the door he saw the girl holding the flowers and he smiled at her.  "Those flowers is so beautiful, thank you so much." Type said while smiling genuinely and the girl also smiled and walked pass Type. They are all busy to make the hotel be perfect for the guests.

While Type got busy arranging everything he got interrupted by a call. Type take out his phone from his pocket and saw that Tharn is calling.

"Tharn?" Type called softly while smiling. "What time is it there?" Type ask. Actually tharn is on the France doing some important work as the CEO of TK company while Type on the other hand is on pa-ngan fullfilling his Papa Gulf dream.

"7:30, suddenly I remembered you know for next days event. I was just thinking about you" Tharn said, worried visible to his voice. "So how was going on there?" tharn asked.

"Oh you know i was focusing on some important things here, and it's all now perfectly beautiful." Type said while walking outside. Uncle Asher just looked at him.

"Yeah but Type you know that.." Tharn got interrupted by Type.

"Yeah tharn, but you know that we already agreed that 1 year to France learning the hotel business from the very best, who makes as the chance to pass up." Type said with irritation. They already talked about it so many times.

"Type" tharn called out his name not really know what to say.


"Nothing" while tharn keeps walking on his room back and forth.


"No it doesn't matter"

"Except that it was obviously does"

"I was just thinking what is permanently for us, my dad wanted us to stay here"

"oh okay?" Type said sitting of one of the chair.

"I could say no"

"But you don't have to, because I know you wanted to say the opposite one"

"Yeah I do, you come with me type"

"But I'm here tharn, I'm always gonna be here!" Type is starting to get irritated again. He stand up.

"Type your Papa Gulf died a year ago."

"Really tharn you would bring that!,my Papa is still alive to me, to my heart and i would rebuilt this hotel for he's honor."

"He didn't want you to dedicate your life to he's."

"But He dedicated he's life to me tharn!"

"We can't keep having this fight Type"

"Apparently we can, until we realize that there is nothing left to fight for!" Type raises he's voice. Making uncle asher to looked at him. Silence engulf with the two of them. "Tharn" Type called him with a soft voice.

"Yeah I know Type, i should go." Tharn said softly.


"I would call you tomorrow, that's gonna be amazing, take care Type Iloveyou "

"Yeah you too tharn" Type hung up the phone and run towards he's room locking it. Uncle Asher just watch him Type really knows how to handle he's own problem. Gulf thought him how to grow up being an independent man and have a matured mind that can handle all the problems that he have. Even though Type sometimes is a hard headed one but he loves he's Papa Gulf so much.

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