Chapter Thirty-six

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It's been two hours since Yibo is sitting beside Zhan and admiring him. No matter how many times Yibo deny his feelings for Zhan he can't avoid it. Without even knowing himself, he react really caring, loving towards Zhan. Only he knows, how he felt when, he saw Zhan in bloody condition. Only he knows, how he felt when he carried Zhan to hospital. When, Zhan's unconscious body was in Yibo's arm. He can't explain his feelings well but, the way he feel towards Zhan. It's priceless. It's normal for him,a guy who is a math professor, who don't even have a single love affairs in his life. How he can know, the feelings of love? It will take time, of course it will take time to realise. He don't even know, how much he love Zhan. Let just give him some time to realise his feelings. Let's just wait a little bit more. Yibo will realise soon his love towards Zhan.

"It's been 2hours you are sleeping. How many hours you want to sleep hah?" Yibo asked, holding Zhan's hand softly.

"It's been a whole day, I didn't saw your smily face. I don't know why but, I'm kinda missing it. I didn't feel like this way before. Now, can you just open your eyes, call by my name and give me a sweet smile." Yibo thought in his mind but, couldn't say it.

"Yibo.." Zhan mumbled and opened his eyes adjusting the light.

"Yes. I'm here." Yibo replied, stroking Zhan's hair carefully.

Zhan smiled when he saw, Yibo was sitting beside him holding his hands.

"That's the thing, I was missing. His smile." Yibo thought in his mind and couldn't control but, also Smile a little without even knowing himself.

"You look so good, when you smile. You should smile more often." Zhan said, smiling widely.

Yibo didn't reply anything. What he would reply? He didn't even know, he smiled, he was a mess already.

"Mom brought soup for you. Get up and have some. Then, you also have to take medicine." Yibo said, and helped Zhan to sat on the bed.

"Where is mom and dad and others? I want to meet them." Zhan said pouting.

"Doctor won't allow to get in everyone. So, you can meet them tomorrow morning. Also, will take you home after a morning check-up." Yibo said, preparing food for Zhan.

"Ohh!! Okay. Where are they?" Zhan asked.

"All of them are outside." Yibo replied.

"Ohh.. and, Mianmian..?" Zhan asked, looking at Yibo.

Yibo tighten his fist hearing the name of Mianmian. "You don't have to worry about her. She is in police custody. Let's just not talk about her. We will talk about it tomorrow, when we will be in home." Yibo said, controlling his anger.

Zhan didn't say anything but nod.

"Ahhh.. open your mouth." Yibo said.

"Mnn..?" Zhan looked at Yibo with confusion.

" your mouth." Yibo said again.

"Ohhh... Hahaha.." Zhan laughed

Then opened his mouth, "ahhhhhh." Yibo Poured his mouth with spoonful soup.

"Mnnn...yummy.."Zhan said, smiling at Yibo.

"Wait, did you eat?" Zhan asked.

"I will." Yibo replied.

"What do you mean by you will? It's already late." Zhan said.

"After you." Yibo said.

"Awwww..... Soo loving husband.. see you love me." Zhan said smiling.

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