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Why was Morgan here? She looked really different, a good different. Her hair that was just a little below the shoulder was now longer.

"You two already know each other? That's great," Natasha said before leaving us alone. Mat widened his eyes as he stood from the bar stool and looked over my shoulder, whispering her name as if it was a secret.

She looked drunk and confused as she squinted her eyes. Her eyes still held that gaze she had back in highschool even though she was drunk.

Speak, fool.

"Are you here by yourself?" I asked and she nodded.

"You dyed your hair," I choked.

"Yeah," she replied. "And you still have brown hair."


"Cam, come on the girls are waiting," Jane wedged herself between Morgan and I, interrupting a barely conversation that we had.

Jane was wild in bed. I liked her because she wasn't looking for anything serious and she was the person who taught me everything. Yes.

"Oh okay. It was nice seeing you Morgan," I mumbled her name that felt and sounded foreign in my tongue, pulling Mat along with me and sitting down on a table at a distant.

We had a past, just teenagers, but it didn't mean we would automatically go back like we were before.

It was just a coincidence that we met. Right?

"Cam who was that blondie?" A girl asked.

"A friend back in highschool," I replied, taking a shot of tequila, my throat burning as it slid down my throat.

"She looks average," another commented and the rest giggled like they were any better.

Average? Excuse me but have you seen yourself in the mirror? Morgan looks way better than average bitch. You couldn't even reach her level of beauty if it comes to, not even her feet.

Mat knew I wanted to comment and he knew that Morgan was way out of their league and I was the lucky bastard who dated her back then.

I could still remember the way she touched me like it was just yesterday. Her soft lips, her hands caressing my side and making me moan.

There was a difference between Morgan and Jane, a big difference.

With Jane I could just pound on her without a care if she gets hurt or not, she likes it rough but with Morgan, you just want to be careful when you touch her, like a glass. She was fragile, and I was afraid that I would hurt her and I would do anything to be sure no one will have the slight bit of thought in hurting her in anyway.

Although she was strong herself, sometimes we need someone to support us. No one is made of iron, we are humans and we tend to break but there is always that one person who will hold us together.

But I wasn't that person for Morgan, not anymore. It has been like what? Five years? That's enough years for the both of us to move on.

I couldn't focus on the girls around me as they talked of whatever because I would occasionally look at Morgan and see what she was doing. When did she dye her hair? She looks great with it. Her cheeks were stained with red from her drink. Does she frequent coming here? How come I've only seen her now?

Some random dude sat beside her who bought her a drink, looking too comfortable and friendly. He was saying something and she was laughing.

Did she change her preference?

"Cam?" Jane called for me, knocking me off my Morgan trance.

"What?" I said.

"The girls want to head to the city to see that new building being constructed. We should go check it out."

I nodded agreeing as they squealed but my eyes were still on Morgan and the dude. Mat stood beside me as we walked out to the parking lot. We were taking Jane's Jeep so all of us could fit and I still don't know how to drive but they didn't know that. Sheesh.

The girls and Jane were scurrying their way inside the Jeep as I heard Morgan's giggling voice behind me. The dude was helping her walk as she was too drunk to think straight. My brows creased as he was too eager in getting her inside his vehicle, his arms way too low for comfort.

It's her life why should I care?

Mat gave me an eye as I was about to hop in the passenger seat. I gave him a questionable look and he eye-pointed at Morgan.

"What are you doing? Get on Cam," Jane said impatiently and Mat made an excuse for me.

"Cam's having his diarrhea episode," he excused.


"Uh, yeah. Oof," I pretended to hold my stomach and ass for my diarrhea episode. Thankfully they were dumb and bought Mat's sorry excuse. They sped off and left me.

I groaned as I made my way to where the dude was trying to put Morgan in his car.

"Heeeyy, bee care you fool," she muttered, hey eyes trying to stay awake. I reached for his shoulders as I tower over him.

"What?" He hissed.

"She's with me," I stated and he laughed.

"Nice try but I saw her first," he replied and I gripped my hands on his shoulder making him wince.

"Did I stutter?" I asked and he let go of her as he rubbed the spot, helping her to walk away from the dude. He was ten years too old for her. Sorry buddy.

"Did you bring a car?" I asked and she didn't respond. I searched for her keys in her bag and clicked the alarm signalling me of the sound.

Okay great, now what. Morgan's too drunk to drive and I'm too sober and I dont know how to maneuver a vehicle.

"Hey where do you live?" I asked and she just mumbled words that i didn't understand. I called for a taxi and told him where to go.

Halfway through our destination she awoke, moving her head away from my shoulder and I think she was sobering up because she pointed her finger at me.

"You, wh-why the fuck are you here?" she slurred.

"You're just dreaming," I stated, rolling my eyes.

"Really? Cos you look hella different from five years ago. Like you transformed from a chick to a chicken. Damn Cam, you look so fine and you smell so different. Is it possible to smell a scent in your dreams?" She sniffed me and I pushed her face away.

She still talks so so much, that one thing hasn't changed.

"Aah," I groaned as she bit my hand. She laughed hysterically. We reached our destination and I helped her off the taxi and up the elevator. She couldn't walk properly so I carried her over my shoulder and she groaned.

"It huurtzzs," she groaned and I ignored her as I fumbled the keys and slid into the hole, opening the door to the hotel room.

I dropped her on the bed as it bounced softly and she started to remove her clothing and I stopped her.

"Don't," I muttered.

"Why?" She replied, her eyes closed.

"Just don't," I whispered and sighed. We were sitting on the edge of the bed, my hands holding tight her shirt so she wouldn't remove it. Her pants were already off, her legs visible and her lace panty.

We were quiet for a moment and I could hear her ragged breath, her eyes slightly opened as she stared deep into mine.

Her sea green eyes were the only color of eyes I have seen in my life. It was the most beautiful tone of color and it shades sometimes dark when she thinks really hard.

I felt my face going closer and closer, feeling her liquor breath on my skin. Does her lips feel the same way back in highschool? Will her lips kiss me the same way she did before? How about her moans?

Next thing I know, she started to gag and threw up on me and flopped on the bed.

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