Chapter 7

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Katia's POV

"Two minutes, stay close." Steve said as he turned to face me, "can you hear anyone?"

"My siblings are close, by their thoughts they found out Ultron's plan. There's also-"

"Katia, Kid what can you hear?" Steve said as he placed a hand on my shoulder. "Dr Cho is injured, its bad."

The two of us ran into the lab to where her thoughts were the loudest to see her with large gashes on her torso. "Dr Cho."  Steve said as he helped her sit up against the wall.

"He's uploading himself into the body." She said through agonising heavy breaths. "Where?"  She shook her head. Steve was standing up to leave when she grabbed his arm. "The real power is inside the cradle, the gem. It's power is uncontainable. You can't just blow it up."

I knew exactly what she was talking about "the mind stone, Loki's sceptre. It's what was used to create the serums for my powers."

"You have to get the cradle to Stark."

"First I have to find it." Steve said before standing up and holding his hand to his comms earpiece. "Did you guys copy that?"

"We did"

"I got a private jet taking off across town, no manifest, that could be him."

By his thoughts he was staring at a truck. "There, thats a truck from the lab. Right above you Cap. On the loop by the bridge...its them, I got three with the cradle, one in the cab. I could take out the driver."

"Clint no, if that truck crashes the gem could level the city, I think Cap and I are going to have to draw out Ultron."  I turned to see Steve nod as we climb up a ladder onto the main road right above the truck.  Cap jumps onto the truck whereas I use the air to hover down. This is when my wings would be handy but I can't risk people seeing them yet.  Even from on top, Ultron's voice was loud and clear. "No, no, no, no, leave me alone!"

His blasters from his hands blows the door that cap was on right open. He blasts it again making it bend backwards. I bent the metal the other way to stop Steve falling off with one hand still gripping onto the other door. There was another blast and the door that was keeping me up went off the hinges, I jumped off, bending the air around me to hold stability and hover along the side of the truck.

"Well, he's defiantly unhappy." Steve said as he kept ahold of the broken door. "I'm gonna try and keep him that way."

"Your not a match for him, cap." Clint said through the comms. "Thanks Barton."  

Before anything more could have been said, Ultron blasted Steve onto the windshield of the car behind. "Steve!"
I flew up to the top, landing on the truck just as Ultron came out to face us. "You know what's in that cradle? The power to make real change, and that terrifies you."

"Well I wouldn't call it a comfort." I said sarcastically before shooting fireballs in his direction, all of which are dodged and fizzle out, I warped the metal of his body, bending his arms in a way that would be painful for a human, my hands shook slightly with the amount of power it was taking to melt his body down. Before the robot got an opportunity to take its shot, Steve's shield threw by my head as he stood in front to take his turn.

The Sheila made contact with Ultron's body several times before he pushed it out of the way and off the truck. "Stop it."

He used his blasters in his hands again while I make a light shield to block it. I managed to block myself in time, but Steve fell onto the hood of the truck.

Again I am facing Ultron, repeatedly throwing fireballs and warping his metal body. "You know, you are stronger than them, too bad its wasted on the wrong side."

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