The Sin and The Sinner

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I don't regret choosing you as my secretary... he always said those words whenever you did something good.

You never would have thought that those were trigger words. It's no wonder you became excited whenever you heard him say that. Your heart would beat a little faster, and your lips curl up in a shy smile.

You loved it especially when he patted your head, you loved the feeling of his fingers running through your hair. It was always something you enjoyed, maybe even thought about before going to sleep.

That night also haunts you. Laying in the futon, a warm body pressing against your back. Your breathing was increasing after feeling every caress, slide, and grope of his grabby hands. His feet wouldn't stop bumping with yours and he would continue to poke fun at you from your girlish reactions. Those sadistic jokes and heated whispers were fluttering against your ear, it just gave you goosebumps.

He called you adorable. He liked the way you responded to his flirtatious words. He was even jealous at the thought of you being embraced by another man other than himself.

Are you kidding? A powerful person like him, jealous? Why would he worry about such a thing? After all, you dedicated your life to serving that Fatui. That would even include serving your superior.

Finally, that intense, passionate, almost loving kiss... Actually, you didn't want to think about it anymore.

Even though in the morning he confessed his true feelings towards you, it didn't feel right. He was your boss, superior, after all. A relationship between a Harbinger and secretary-assistant is impossible. It was looked down upon in the military.

If only things were different. Maybe if you two didn't meet in the Fatui, things would have been different. It would have been nice getting along with Scaramouche outside all the formalities and titles. Perhaps you would have been in a romantic relationship with him without any prejudice?

It would have been normal. It would have been perfect. It's just a Snezhnayan girl and an Inazuman boy in love. What's so wrong with that? You just wanted to be with him normally. It's so unfair.

Every time you close your eyes, you could see him standing there, waiting for you to walk back to him. His face is just a blur.

You're feeling exhausted.

Scaramouche must be angry.

You're wondering where he is now.

Scaramouche probably wants you dead.


You were somewhere in Liyue's wilderness, it was hard to pinpoint a place on the map because you literally didn't know where you were. It's been about half a day and the sun was slowly setting over the mountains, painting the sky into a beautiful purple colour.

Lumine pointed to a large tree a few meters away and told you her party members were waiting behind it. There was an uncomfortable expression on your face as you reluctantly followed her.

Three people came into view.

"Traveller, you're back from your food delivery...! Huh?"

"My liege, you've been followed! Watch out!"

"I remember you, Fatui scum."

As you slowly raised your hands to show you were unarmed, the three took Lumine and stood in beside her protectively. All kinds of weapons were being pointed at you: a polearm, a sword, and a claymore.

As you meekly glanced up to make eye contact, your suspicions were correct. Lumine's team was indeed the trio of best friends, how unlucky could you get? You remembered them well and surely, they remembered you too.

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