Chapter 17: Daylight Goddess

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'If you keep on denying that to yourself... You might lose her twice'

That statement didn't leave on Claude's memory. His mind went blank trying to digest those powerful words. That insolent young warlock dared to do this to the emperor? After what he has done to the young man, he deceives him? 

Felix told him that he let him stay in his kingdom and even let Lucas become his daughter's playmate.

(If he only knew *sigh*)

Claude wanted to strangle that rascal's neck for trying to deceive him, but fortunately, Lucas managed to escape with his daughter. 

'You might lose her twice'

The last sentence from the young warlock before he escaped with Athanasia echoed in his ears again. "Diana..." he whispered.

A throbbing pain suddenly pierced his head when he whispered that name. That painful memory that he chose and wanted to forget...

Suddenly appeared on his mind.

"Diana..." he again repeated while attempting to fight his headache.

"You're Majesty? What's happening to you?" A familiar voice suddenly asked him, It was Felix who just entered the room to check on his master.

"Where's the woman?" Claude suddenly asked. 

"The Princess sent the Lady to her room with Lily" Felix immediately replied.

The pain on Claude's head suddenly disappeared, He instantly attempted to walk outside and look for the woman but his body is still weak and he almost fell to the floor.

"Your Highness!!!" Felix shouted. He was about to help Claude to stand up but the Emperor shoved Felix's hand and continued to walk. "Where are you planning to go?" Felix asked the Emperor, but Claude didn't plan to reply.

Claude wanted to use his power to teleport, but for some reasons, his body becomes weak that felt so drained.

Little did he know that it was also that young warlock's fault that he became so weak for today, who knows what was the Black Tower's Magician is planning? Maybe to make the reunion of the two long lost lovers more dramatic?

Every servant that would see the Emperor walking desperately would bow and greet Claude, but the man did not respond to any of them. It is not new to them but they noticed something different from the Emperor, he seemed absent-minded. 

However, they cannot question the action of their Master so they kept in silence.

"Your Majesty did something happened?" Felix tried to ask.

"I need to see that woman" Claude replied to the knight.

That answer didn't even answer the question of the poor knight. 

'Why would His Majesty want to see Lady Dianne? Did the Lady do something on his Majesty while they were in Siodonna?' Felix thought.

As soon as they finally reached the current palace of the princess, the emperor's speed of walking increased. He immediately directed his footsteps to the Princess' room.

"Your Majesty slow down..." Felix said.

While the two of them is getting closer to their route, A woman with a maid outfit suddenly appeared.

Lily startled when she saw the Emperor approaching the Princess' room. 'Oh no! Lady Diana' She thought. The tray with the Lipeh tea on her hand almost fell to the floor.

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