Chapter 24

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"I've waited long enough, Y/N."

You were in a state of pure shock as to how swiftly he had managed to pull out the action. Impressive. Oh, so wait; he had had enough of waiting? That's what he gets for being the eldest, you smirk internally.

"What are you smirking at, Milady?" He asked, in an unusual octave pitched voice. You guessed you weren't smirking internally after all. You stare back into his eyes, making your smirk more visible.

"Oh, wow, I didn't know you were getting tired of waiting." You say, mockingly, making him sneer. "Oh, Princess, do you know how much you turned me on?" You were speechless: This man's smooth. He leans down to your neck, his uneven breathing sending spikes of electricity down your spine. You immediately stiffen and place your hands on his hard chest, slowly trying to get him off of you.

"J-Jin, please I can't. Not today, I don't feel too good." You murmur, softly. He brings his gaze up to meet yours, and smiles. He gets off of your torso, and plops on the mattress beside you. You look at him confusingly. Did he actually agree? Seeing your confused face, he laughs out loud.

"Don't worry, I understand. Hoseok really did drink a bit too much; I sensed it when I sniffed you. There is not much blood left in you at the time being." He states, suddenly finding the ceiling interesting. You, on the other hand, starts to panic. What does he mean by 'not much blood in me'? Am I going to die- No, I'm too young to die. Y/N, quit panicking, there has to be a solution.

"Y/N, calm down. You are not gonna die, and have you ever heard a subject called Biology?" Jin asks, dragging the word 'Biology'. You look at him and frown, surprisingly, he was too, looking at you this time.

"Wait, how-" You were gonna ask how he knew you were panicking, but as soon as you heard the term Biology, you decide to answer that instead. "Bro, duh, everyone learns that." You state the obvious, rolling your eyes on the process.

"Then tell me, where are Red Blood Cells or RBCs produced?" He asks, sounding more authoritative. Man, this reminds me of the last time my professor asked me a Biology question. Shit. Struggling to come up with an answer, you blurt out a random part which popped into your tiny little brain.

"Um...What about...the heart?" It formed in a way of a question rather than an answer. Jin laughs at your struggling state, "No, silly, it's the bone marrow." He answers his own question.

"Oh, I guess I didn't know that before." You reply, literally dumbfounded. You failed Bio when you were back in high school and gave up trying to remember the theories. So, in short, you didn't give a fuck.

"Say, did you ever pass Biology?" Jin questions, trying to maintain an even voice after all the laughing.

"No." You reply, shamelessly. You couldn't care less; everyone is supposed to know how you hated the damn subject from the bottom of your heart. "What about you? You talk like you got a straight A for Bio." You ask, monotonously.

"No, did I ever tell you I only got four questions correct out of ten, and that too, an hour's test." He laughs again, and I, becoming worried if he's gonna have enough oxygen to finish laughing. Okay, so he did sort of fail his Bio paper. Oh well, I'm satisfied anyway. You didn't dare laugh, although his laugh was hell contagious. You patiently waited until he caught his breath and thanked him.

"Jin, by the way, thank you."

"Huh? For what?" Now it was his turn to be confused.

"For understanding me. Why did you stop anyways? I thought..." You trail off as you couldn't muster up the courage to say hose next words. Why would you? It'll hurt his feelings; you wouldn't be able to believe that.

"I know what you're thinking, Y/N. Do you really think we're keeping you here only for your blood?" He asks you, not angrily, but he looked more disappointed and sadder.

"N-No that's not-" You sigh, who are you kidding? That was exactly what your thoughts were. He understood instantly, you really did think that way, huh?

"You don't understand, Y/N. We lo-" Your heart almost jumped out of your ribcage. Was he about to say what you thought he was gonna say? No, wait, you couldn't jump into conclusions...yet. That's when you figured: Kang Bora said she could answer your questions. You waited, but he refused to continue. All this time, he avoided eye contact. Why, though? Why does he look guilty?

You let out an exasperated sigh. "Should we go down now Jin? I'm beginning to starve." You change the subject, hoping to see his charming smile. And, thankfully, he did. It was the sweetest smile he had ever given you for as far you can remember.

"Yeah, let's go. Maybe you could help me with cooking?"

"Sure. I would love to." You say, as the two of you walk out of his room, Jin, snapping the door shut behind him.

Walking into the kitchen, there was only one thing dominating your brain cells: Soon. Soon, you should go meet her. That would be your last option, because no one seemed eager to answer them, and you were pretty sure if you were not gonna get answers from Kang Bora, you made an oath that you were gonna personally murder her.

Or so you thought...


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