19. 𝕴𝖘𝖚𝖟𝖚

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19 - Don't call me angle ᴀ

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19 - Don't call me angle ᴀ. ɢʀᴀɴᴅᴇ

"So...What is that?"

"A sandcastle!"

"It looks more like a sand igloo."

"Is that bad?!"

You, Tohru, and Kyo were at the beach waiting for the others to come back just like yesterday. They went to see Akito again for the second time on the trip. You three decided it would be best to just make sand castles and not go in the water.

"It's not like I've made one better." Kyo said.

"Have you never made a sandcastle before?" You ask your boyfriend.

"Nope." Tohru gasps and gets a big grin on her face.

"That makes me and y/n your sandcastle senpais!" (They said that in the anime so hush)

"Well senpai's, You guys really suck." Before the girls could reply, Momiji came running up to us throwing himself at Tohru. "Tohru!" he shouts, transforming.

The others were right behind, walking up to us. "Imagine spending your summer break playing in the sand." Hiro said with his usual attitude. The group began to walk with you and Tohru in the front.

Yuki was in the back with Kyo. Yuki grabbed Kyo's collar, stopping him from going any further. "If you do run into Akito on this trip, don't lash out. Control yourself or it could have a negative effect on Miss Honda, or y/n."

"Oh, shut up! I don't wanna listen to this from you!" Kyo yelled. "Do you think you're better than me!"


"I'll kill you!" At this point everyone has stopped walking to see what the yelling was about.

"Yuki is so cool." Haru sighed.

"Where do you think Kureno and Akito are off to?"

"Probably to see Honda, and l/n."

Shigure and Hatori were at the Sohma estate next to the beach house. They saw Akito and Kureno wander off without saying a word.

Akito made her way to the beach house with her puppet following right behind. Akito has heard of you and how you're dating Kyo but has never seen your face. She saw Tohru before and thought she was ugly. Akito didn't like Tohru and was sure she wouldn't like you either.

"They are outsiders. They need to be isolated. Who would want them around anyways? I would do it, but I'm too nice." She continued to talk Kureno just listing the whole time. "I might let you meet them. You have to still act like a proper member of the zodiac. After that they will be alone just how it should be."

"One's not alone. She has Kyo." Kureno finally spoke up.

"How could she possibly like that monster?"

"Y/n. New friend."

"Aw, what a cute hermit crab!"

You and Kyo were at the beach trying to make a sandcastle again. It was only you two. A date ig.

"I don't know if i would call that a castle, but it's definitely sand." Kyo told you. You laughed a little, still messing with the tiny crab.

"You can go in the water if you want. You don't have to miss out just cause of me." You look up to see Kyo looking at you.

"I'm not! I'm with you anyway so its better!" You smiled. "It's not your fault you don't like water."

"I guess the cat spirit doesn't like water just like a cat. I heard the older cat wasn't a fan of the cat either."

A big wave came crashing over the couple. The sandcastle was messed up and you two were soaking. You were shaking from the fast temperature change. Kyo jumped up, cursing at the water.

"Damn ocean! Don't mess with me bastard! I'll kill you for that!"

"Sorry love, I think the Ocean could beat you." You said laughing almost out of breath.

Kyo blushed a little then went down and cupped your face, giving you a quick kiss. "Stop laughing will ya?" A small smile formed on his face.

"Look at them it makes me sick." Little did you know you two were being watched. "Let's go back. I don't feel good."

"thanks, for letting us take a shower first." (Not together) "Yea now I can check on the laundry."

"I'll help."

You and Tohru made your way outside to collect the laundry. You were next to Tohru when it got really windy. The sheet Tohru was holding got blown away. She chases after it not telling you.. When you looked over at her she was gone. You look around to see her figure going into the woods.

You follow her in the woods to see her standing staring at something. "hey tell me when-" Stopped seeing a black horse laying down.

"A horse? What's a horse doing out here?" The small girl asked.

"I dunno." We look around till Tohru points to some clothes and shoes.

"Rin!" We turn around to see Yuki out of breath. HE ran all the way here trying to find the said girl. "This is Rin or Isuzu Sohma. Maybe she doesn't feel well that's why she transformed"

"If she is sick we should call Hatori-!" Tohru got cut off by a horse foot coming for her head. You garbed Tohru and pushed her closer to you so she didn't get hit.

"You could have seriously hurt her." Yuki said with a stern expression.

Rin turned human again with red smoke around her. She had a nice figure, similar to yours. "I'll go get some of my clothes! Well y/n's would probably fit better so uh- let's go!" You jumped up with Tohru going back to the house to get some clothes.

"I didn't not expect to meet another Sohma while doing the laundry." Tohru said as they walked back. When you got there Rin took the clothes and stormed off.

"Don't tell anyone I'm here!"


I'm going on a trip and wont be back till next week. I updated all my books today so you have something to go off us. When I come back you will finally meet Akito. <3

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