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Trigger warning: some, fighting, falling, blood, and other hospital terminologies.

Y/N's POV:

"She..." "What?" I said. "She's in deep debt and getting more ill. She sold y-your family home just to keep up with the restaurant and medical bills. She is living with your sept sister, Lilly( if that's your name I'm sorry), but she and your stepdad want to kick her out. ....By next Monday, wait what day is it?" "It's Thursday," "She didn't... want to tell you so I had to come without telling her. I asked her to move in with me and my family but she declined and your stepfather wouldn't even let me see her. I am so sorry y/n..." She said. "It's okay... I know you tried thank you. For now, just rest, and I will figure something out," I said and wiped my tears. She nodded and closed her eyes again.

I sat there and looked at the blank ceiling. I decided to go and walk around in the cafeteria patio. I left and began to make my way there. Once I got there, I got an iced coffee and went out to the patio to walk around. I looked around at the people and saw Taehyung, Jungkook, Hana, Yoongi, and Namjoon all sitting at a table. Hana noticed me and I smiled, waved, and decided to walk in the opposite direction to clear my head.

End of Y/N's POV

Third-person POV:

As y/n walked in the opposite direction, Hana and the rest of the group became confused. "Why did she walk away, she usually would come and sit with us?" she said. "I'm not sure,...I haven't talked to her since this morning," Taehyung said. "Well, as soon as I left, Her best friend said something about her mom but I couldn't hear much," said a voice that startled everyone. It was Hoseok. After hearing the mention of 'mom', made Yoongi stand up and walk quickly in Y/n's direction. It left everyone even more confused. "What?" Hoseok said as he sat down and began to eat. The rest of lunch was a bit awkward but worrisome since they had no clue what was going on.

End of third-person POV


I was walking in the garden when I heard some footsteps near me. I turned and saw Yoongi. "Hello Yoongi," I said. "Hey Y/n, How are you doing?" he asked as he walked next to me. "I'm fine, how are you" she asked looking away. "I'm good," he said. "Is there something bothering you?" he asked. "..No," I said. "Are you sure, I promise not to tell anyone," he said. "I'm fine Yoongi... I am sorry I have to go." I said as I was being paged. Yoongi stood there clueless and worried. I smiled at him and walked away. He semi-smiled since he clearly knew something wasn't right. I ran to where I was being paged and it was the emergency room. It was the nurse who had paged me, which happened to be Janet. "I am so sorry to page you but Dr. Kim Taehyung has not been answering the pages," she said. "It's alright, Janet, what can I do?" I said. "We have two people coming in soon, Both were out fishing and it turned really ugly afterward. One is a 32-year-old male and the other is a 30-year-old male. We weren't told what happened, they just said be prepared." she said. "Okey thank you, Janet," I said and she nodded. I decided to page Jackson and mina. They both came pretty quick. I told them what was happening and both were up to help and we went out to wait. Soon we heard the sirens. I took a deep breath and decided to focus on my work. Though I am personal issues, I have to push them aside and take care of the patient as best as I can. I opened the ambulance door to help and soon I saw the paramedic. "30, year-old male, High blood pressure and has a fishing hook stuck on the right side of his chest. We also have a 32-year-old male, and is currently stable thought seems to have suffered head injuries, he is being brought now," she said and that's when the other ambulance arrived. "Someone quickly page Dr. Jung Hoseok and Dr.Min Yoongi ASAP! Mina takes The 30-year-old to trauma room 2 and Jackson takes the 32-year-old to trauma room one" I said loudly and they did as they were told I walked quickly to Trauma Room 2. Soon I saw Dr.Min and Dr. Jung run quickly to the room, "Dr. Jung you are needed here, Dr. Min in Trauma room 1." I said and quickly we began to get to work.

After several hours, Dr.Jung and I were able to remove the fishing hook and help the 30-year-old. However, The 32-year-old had suffered through multiple skull injuries which caused a severe brain bleed. He didn't make it through the surgery. I stood outside the room of the 30-year-old and felt someone standing next to me, "What happened?" Namjoon said which somewhat startled me. "He said him and his best friend were standing over the bridge and fishing but he brought something up and so they both began to fight. He then fell over the bridge which was like a 7 ft drop. The 30-year-old tried to get him before he fell but he also tried and the fishing hook got stuck in his chest about 3 inches deep." I said. "Wow," he said. "I have to go now, My best friend must be waiting for me," I said. While I was walking on my back I thought of a way to help my mom and decided to run quickly to B/F/N' s room.

I got to her room and saw that she was talking to Taehyung. I knocked before going in, "Hey, Y/N," he said. "Hey, Taehyung, can I talk to b/f/n real quick," I said. He nodded, "By the way, I am sorry I didn't answer my page I was helping someone outside of the hospital, and by the time I got there, both of the patients were in the O.R.," he said. "It's okay, Thank you," I said and he walked out. However, I didn't know he was still listening. I sat down, "So I came up with a plan, I will get a second job here or get more hours here in the hospital, I will pay off most of the debt with my money now and I will bring my mother to live with me here in Seoul. I'll also sell my father's restaurant." I said. "Are you crazy?!" she said "Your mother will not like the idea of you getting a second job or selling your father's restaurant," she said. " I don't want to either ,But I have to, I don't want my mom in this situation," I said. "Well how are you going to do it?" she asked. "I will leave tomorrow night, and bring her back by Sunday morning, I'll ask chief and hope he says yes," I said. She looked at me and shook her head. "Well, what about me," she asked. "You can stay with me," a voice said.

It happened to be Seokjin. Taehyung and him walked in at the same time. "What I don't even know you?" she said. "Don't worry, you will be fine," I said. "Plus, I live with Namjoon. He's a great doctor and my best friend," he said. "I promise you will be in great hands plus I will only be gone for two days," I said. "What about you, I don't want anything to happen to you," she said. "Jungkook and I will go with her," Taehyung said as Jungkook walked somehow knowing what was going on. "Alright, but you better take care of her, " she said and glared at both of them. "We have to go to chief to ask him if it would be okay," I said and the three of us left.

We got to the chief's office and I explained my situation. He nodded and took a deep breath and said, "I will allow you to go Dr. L/N but neither jungkook nor Taehyung can go with you." he said. "Why not?" said Taehyung. "Because you both are the only ones in your department. Now Ms. L/N, if you would like to take someone, I would recommend, Park Jimin," he said. "NO!" both Jungkook and Taehyung said at the same time. Which made the room go silent. That's when Park Jimin happened to walk in, "You paged?" he said to the chief. "Yes, you will go with y/n to (your country), she will attend her personal business and you will only make sure she is safe." he said "Ms. L/N, I will have my assistant get you plane tickets for tomorrow night, I expect you both to be back by Sunday afternoon. If you fail to there will be consequences, especially for you Dr. L/N. Understood?" He said. "Understood. Thank you," I said, shook his hand. He smiled and we excused ourselves. I ran back to my best friend's room to tell her the good news.

end of Y/N pov

Third-person POV:

As Y/N ran, the other three stood back. "Why do you get to go?" Jungkook said to Jimin. "I should've been the one to go with her...." Taehyung said out loud and left without saying anything else.

End of 14

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