Chapter 9

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TW: panic attack

Avengers Compound, two weeks after the battle of Sokovia

Katia's POV :

My ears rang, it felt like my heart was pounding in my head. I knew it was me adjusting to the loud thoughts that were now visible in my head. Even with my eyes closed the light was blinding.

"She should be waking up soon. Her body has practically fully recovered." A voice which I recognised as Dr Cho spoke to someone else in the room. I was still hazy, the thoughts hadn't deciphered themselves to each persons voice so I couldn't tell who else was in the room.

"Good, its not been the same without her. Not going to lie I'm dreading her waking up." Natasha said.
"How come?"
"How are we supposed to tell her that she couldn't save him."

In that moment, my heart dropped, tears welled up against my will in my eyes as I started to flutter them open.
Natasha noticed my awakening and immediately rushed to my side, her green eyes staring at mine full of sympathy. "Hey Kid, how are you feeling."

"I couldn't save him." I sobbed as a lump grew in my throat forcing any more words down. Natasha pulled me into a hug, allowing me to cry. My eyes felt puffy by the time I was done. That was enough crying for the minute. I focussed for a little while on adjusting the thoughts in my head, fitting together voices with people. Wanda's thoughts broke my heart even more, she knew I was awake, but I'm sure she doesn't want to talk to me.

She blamed me for his death, frankly she was right. "It's my fault." I thought out loud drawing Natasha's attention back to me.
"Kat, you can't blame yourself for what happened. Your brother is a hero."

"How long was I out?"  I changed the subject, my raspy voice breaking more than I would like.

"You were in a coma for two weeks."

I couldn't find the words to reply, even if I wanted too, the sound of my empty stomach reached our ears making Natasha almost chuckle. "c'mon, you have some clothes there, you can get dressed then we'll get some food." She said before holding her arm out for me to use as support while I stand up. I grabbed the cozy hoodie and baggy jeans before heading up to my room, getting dressed while Nat waited outside my room.

The two of us made our way down in the elevator to be met by everyone's pitiful faces in the main room apart from Wanda, Bruce and Thor. "Where's Bruce and Thor?"

"Thor went for answers about the stones, and Bruce, we don't know." Tony said as he, Steve and Clint walked over to the two of us.

"It's good to see you up, Kat." Steve said before pulling me in for a hug. Steve always give the best hugs, if I didn't feel so empty I probably would have smiled.

"I'm going to get my wings out, they feel cramped in." I said before taking a step back diverting my power, which had seemed to recover fully, towards my wings. They unfolded, I stretched them out instantly making me more comfortable.

"So, what do you want to eat? We got leftover pizza from last night." Tony said as he opened the fridge and pulled out a pizza box with two pepperoni slices left. I nodded my head as he put them on a plate and into the microwave.


Everyone apart from Nat went off to do their own thing, pitiful attention was not something I needed right now. I could tell that everyone was walking on 'eggshells' around me to try not and make me upset or angry. I'm unstable, and an outburst could make my powers act out. The last thing I wanted was anyone to get hurt or killed by me. There is no way that I will let the illusions come true.

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