Chapter Three

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Nicolas pov

I couldn't believe it my jessie, she was here sitting right beside me how i wish i could hug her, kiss her and beg her to forgive me she was right i really do regret what i did to her i was really stupid to believe what that b*tch sophie told me. I later investigated and found out she really was pregnant with twins OUR twins I'm such a lucky man and i foolishly messed it up for what? a sl*t who abandoned me on our wedding day you heard that right stupid old me wanted to get married to that wh*re and she left me standing like a fool at the alter.
I later found out that all of the money I've been giving her had been spent planning her own marriage with her boyfriend Tim or was it Tom anywhoo i don't care they got married the same day we were supposed to. I ended up paying for someone else's marriage. But now i plan on winning back my jessie yes i messed up but I'll get her back even if i have to get on my knees in front of her.
I didn't even realize that the meeting was over until i saw that most of the CEO'S had already left the conference room. And when i checked beside me she was already gone, gosh where did she run off to now she can't leave yet.
I saw her heading towards her car, i quickly grabbed her wrist then i felt those familiar sparks I've missed a lot call me whipped but i don't give a f*ck.

"What do you want" i heard her say and that snapped me out of my daze.

"You" i told her
She was a little shocked because she just kept on looking at me. But what she did next surprised me she burst out laughing what did i say that was so funny maybe she doesn't believe me or she's too shocked to reply. I hope it's the latter but what she said next left me dumbfounded

"You're crazy"
Then she left me standing alone in the driveway. Oh jessie yes I'm crazy, crazy about you and I'll get you back my beloved.


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