Chapter 32- the party

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Ember stood up quickly, "Ginny, Hermione hey!"

Hermione set her things on a near by table and began picking up the decorations Ginny dropped one by one.

"Why are two up here!? Aren't you both supposed to be in class?", snapped Ginny.

Fred leaned back into his chair and rolled his eyes, "Something happened before our lesson started so I brought Em up here for her to calm down"

Hermione glanced up curiously, "You guys have been up here for hours then?"

Ember turned to look at the big clock on the wall and gawked, "I guess we have"

Fred raised his eyebrows, "It doesn't feel like it's been hours"

Ginny stomped over to Ember and grabbed her arm, "You're coming with me and Mione upstairs"

Fred rapidly stood to his feet, "Why!?"

Hermione grabbed her and Ginny's book bag and walked towards the stairs that led to the girls dormitories.

"We have to get ready for the party. It starts in 3 hours. The boys will be up any minute so you'll help them", muttered Ginny.

Fred leaned forward and grabbed Ginny's arm, "It does not take 3 bloody hours to get ready for a party! Let Em stay with me for another hour or so"

Hermione smiled, "I'm guessing you caught her up on all the shit you've done to her?"

Ginny stared at Ember, "He told you everything?"

Ember nodded once, "Yeah pretty much"

Fred gave Ember a gentle smile and turned to glare at Ginny, "I still wanna talk to her Gin. Let her stay with me"

Ginny looked from Fred to Ember, "You can stay with him if you want to Em. But only for half an hour!"

Fred threw up his hands, "Whaat"

"It takes time to look this hot and even more time to look extra hot for parties Fred", Ginny smirked.

Fred rolled his eyes, "Fine. Thirty minutes is fine"

"Do you even want to stay here with him Em?", Hermione asked.

Ember nodded, "Yeah I do actually"

Fred stuck his tongue out at Ginny, "And were not staying down here. I'm gonna show her upstairs"

Ginny squinted her eyes at her brother, "And what's upstairs you spaz?"

Fred shrugged, "My room"

Hermione shook her head, "Definitely not. Come with us Em"

Ginny made a disgusted face at Fred and took Ember's hand and led her upstairs.

"I'll find you during the party Em!", Fred shouted towards Ember who was more than half way upstairs.

Ginny slammed the door behind her for the dramatic effects and threw herself onto the bed. "I hate men"

Hermione giggled, "I'm taking a shower first, k?"

Ginny flailed her hand in the air, "Go ahead"

Ember strolled over to an empty chair and plopped down into it, "Why are you so against me and Fred hanging out Gin?"

Ginny propped herself up onto her elbows and glanced over at Ember. "It's not that I'm against you guys hanging out. It's just . . . okay I kind of am against you guys hanging out. Fred just isn't good for you Em"

"But he's your brother. Shouldn't you be helping him get girls and such?", smiled Ember.

As soon as those words left Ember's mouth, they could hear Hermione let out a small snort and giggle to herself while she was in the shower.

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