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Taehyung's POV

Jungkook's soft snores beside me was the only thing proving that time was passing. I had no clock to confirm it, but I knew that between every repeat of his beautiful vocalised evidence of deep sleep, long seconds went by.

The hotel room was beautiful, dark wood clad every surface in panelling, making for a cozy almost cottage-like aura. Two king size beds pushed into opposite corners of the large room, white fabrics flowing through the room like highlights portrayed through bed sheets, curtains and carpets.

We had chosen the nicest hotel we could find, and when we found the nicest most secluded hotel, we got the nicest and biggest room they had. Jungkook had giggled in excitement, his mind sending me images of what he imagined Hannah's reaction would be once we arrived here. It had warmed me inside-out to see how fond of our new soulmate he was, and how even just the thought of making her joyful made him joyful in return. 

I looked down to my sleeping soulmates beside me in the bed, Hoseok was spread comfortably halfway over Jungkook's chest, resting his face in the nook of his neck. Jungkook was leaning into my side, warm in the hug of my arms around him.

I had tried to sleep when they did, but my mind wouldn't stop wandering. As if a movie was playing inside my head I saw everything that had happened today, clear as day behind my eyelids.

The panic that blossomed between the three of us once we looked behind our car to find Hannah's car absent. The piercing scream from Hoseok beside me when he had tried to access her mind to find her, me almost losing control of the car when it happened because just the sound of it sent painful shocks through my body.

"I can't see anything! Everything is black, I can't find her" Sounding through devastated sobs in the backseat when Jungkook tried to see through her sight.

I was so scared, terrified anything bad had happened to Hannah, frightened Hoseok and Jungkook had hurt themselves from trying to find her. My body wanted me to break down with them, to panic and do anything in an attempt to reach out to her, but my mind was telling me that what my soulmates needed right now was comfort and a calm Taehyung.

I could never chose to be selfish with them, it wasn't in my nature to make such a choice as to not help them if an option existed where I could.

So of course the conclusion became to keep calm. Pulling the car into the meeting rest stop by the road I parked it, turning around to look at my soulmates. Hoseok was silently staring into the air in front of him, his usually bright and joyful features painted in a hue of pain and fright, lost for words I took his hand in mine. Behind me I could hear Jungkook's crying long before I could see his tears but I reached out to hold his hand as well, desperate to make my comforting intentions known, aching to rid them of any and all pain.

But I knew I couldn't, knew they didn't want me to, just from my hand on the skin of their hands I felt proof that the pain was somehow grounding them both. Keeping them from giving up, from caving into the feeling of failure I knew they felt just as strongly as I did.

We had failed her, lost in the reality of our own world we had forgotten the painful truth of hers. Escaping our own inconvenience we had quite literally driven away from someone dependent on our presence for their wellbeing, someone we care about, someone who belongs with us.

Reaching out into every single corner of my soul to find my soulmates across the world, but all that answered my desperate calls were snores and faded voices through the thick fog of sleep. Reaching through a dream was difficult, it could be done, but most of the time any words spoken were just mingled into the dream, morphing with the fantasy of ones sleep realm.

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