Chapter 23

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Kates pov

I wake up to loud noise coming from down stairs. I cant do this rigth now its too early for this shit I was planning to sleep till 12:00 and its 8:30 who the hell wants to get up at 8:30? NO ONE. I roll out of the bed and put my cat slip ons on. I open my door and head down the stairs to see where all the noise is coming from.  I walk half way down the stairs and see people running around with Supar big boxs. what the hell is going on? I Walk all the way down and duck under people to get to daxs and lucas office.
I knock on there door and hear a come in.

" Why dar peoples in the house ?" I ask going up to there desk

" Oh well goodmorning sweetpea and we are just getting ready for a shipment to head out" Daxs say

" whats in the boxse " I ask

" Nogthing you should worry your pretty little head about. Hey how about i make you some eggs and bacon Dose that should okay " Lucas asks me as he gets up and picks me up.

I nod my head and we walk out of this office and into the kitchen. He sets me on the counter and gets the eggs out.

" So lady bug what are you going to do today? " He ask. Where the heck are they getting these nicknames from?

" Well I was planning on doing some homework for class and then me and the doggys well have party nothing much" I say swing my legs back anf forth.

" Party? " He ask smileing at me

" You know chicken nuggets, cookies, princess dress, tiaras. Why you asking anyway? HAve you never been to a party before?"I ask corncerend.

" No honey i have been too partys before just not that type of party" He says laughing a bit

What other type of party is there?

He get finshed with the eggs and bacons and puts it on a yellow dino plate and a Pink sippy cup fliled with apple juice. He sets my plate down on the table and and comes back for me picks me up and sets me down he sits next to me and eats his food too.

We get done with the food and i head back up stairs to me bedroom and start on some homework that i know is due soon so I have too get it done, so thats mean NO littlespace until its done, Which is going to be hard for me.

                                                                                                     #~#~#~#~#~#~#~# Two hours later #~#~#~#~#~#~#~#

I finshed Im so tired, I decide I would do my doggy party later but i am going to make chicken nuggets and cookies because I can, But fisrt i go get the doggys from the back yard. They come running up to me and lick my face I laugh as i push them away. I walk into the kitchen And make some dino nuggets and get the cookies out. I coudnt reach the spippys cups so i could get some chocolate milk. I climd onto the conter to get it and grab it. I finally get my choccy milk and dino nuggtes and cookies I was ready for a BIG lunch and a long nap. As im going up the stairs the dog kind of push me up a little and i get werided out but i just keep going. I get to me room and put all of my food on my tea party table. I look behind me to close the door and the doggys are being really werid right now there both standing next to the door and stairing at it.

I'm not to sure what going on but just to make sure i locked the door because I trusted my doggys. I sit down and start the powerpuffs girls on the T.V I set down and eat my lunch and gave a few nuggets to the doggys.  

After a bit i hear a lot of noise coming down stairs. I unlock the door and see down the stairs to see a lot of people standing waiting there. Who are they?
I deside not to go down there because im not that stupid but I do text Daxs and lucsa


Kate: who are all the people down there. If there here for the doggys party i dont think i have enough princess tiaras for that many people.

Lucas:  No there not here for your party princess. It's some of our family they are here to pick up the shipment.

Daxs: What party? Did you let her thougth a party? We have people over and why was I not invited ?

Lucas: Its not a "party , party" Its a princess party.

Kate: What is that supposed to mean?

Lucas: your a princess thoughing a party

Kate: Oh okay. can i come down stairs IM LONELY

Dax: I still dont understand a party IN her bed room? Is it like V.I.P? is there a bouncer?

Lucas: Yeah sure honey just come stair to the office

Kate : OKay


The end of the text

I walk down stairs and head too there office. ON my way over to there office I bump into someone. I look and see one of the people that moved in with use. He is wearing overals and a yellow shirt that has bees on it.

" I like your shirt "  I say

" Thanks we havent really meant yet have we im Max " He says

" Its nice to meet you maxs im Kate" I say


" I got to go thats my daddy talk to you later bye bye" He says running off

Is he a little too will i have a FRIEND oh my gosh i have to ask My daddys.

I run into there office and go over to lucas

" Is max a little too ?"

" He is, he is older is headspace thougth" He says


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