Chapter 20

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Chapter 20

The excitement and adrenaline I felt in me had died down as I look at the person in front of me. The warmth also died from my hands as I realised it wasn't the person who I was hoping for to come and visit me.

"Elder James. How may I help you?" I whispered trying to sound ill while holding the door open.

"May I come in?" Elder James said gesturing towards my room.

"Of course." I whispered opening the door wider for him to pass through.

I closed the door behind me and lock it so that no one could interrupt our conversation. I watched as Elder James took a seat on the stool. I proceed to the end of my bed and sat there in silence waiting for him to break the silence.

"You don't look ill to me." He said looking at me with suspicious eyes.

"I am better now. I have recovered a lot since I have been sick. I think by next week, I will be able to go back to school and walk around." I lied.

"I see." Elder James said still watching me.

I look back at him not showing any sign of anxiousness which could give off any indication that I was lying.

"I was thinking." Elder James slowly said causing me to look up at him.

"Yes, Elder James?" I said.

"I was thinking, that maybe it's time to tell the other Elementals that you are also an Elemental after all you have meet them." Elder James said.

I immediately stood up and walked towards my window. I saw the other Elementals still training on the field with Charlie except Duke. I closed my eyes and took a big sigh before replying to his offer.

"I really don't think that is a good idea." I said.

"Why not?" He asked looking at me.

"Do you know how much chaos that would cause us? Also with the other students in this school. They would wonder where I have gone and why am I now hanging out with the other Elementals. Have you even asked Bertha about this? I bet you haven't." I said.

"You're right, I haven't asked Bertha about it but I know she would never allow it." He said.

"Of course, she would never allow it! She knows what it will do to me. In all honestly Elder James, she has been my guardian for many years now not you. She knows me better than you or a crab could know about me. She is one of the few people who knows about my past better than anyone else. I might love the idea of not hiding anymore about who I am but I would be too selfish to do so. I would think that you would understand my situation better but I guess you don't." I said.

"I-" He began again only to be cut off by me.

"No. The amount of disaster it will bring will be a catastrophe. Fay doesn't like me, like kill hate and when she finds out about what I am. Do you think she will want to deal with me? How about the other Elementals? I have seen how they all are. Do you really think they would like having other Elemental that is superior to them and is always telling them off. I think not." I said.


"Furthermore, you and Bertha have gone to such extreme lengths to keep my identity a whole big secret and now you want to throw all that hard word away. The amount of trouble I causes Bertha over these past years, don't you think it's enough. I don't need her worrying about my safe even more than she is now which is twenty-four seven by the way. She has enough to deal with." I said.


"No, buts. I will not hear of this. I don't want to burden Bertha more than the burden she has of handling me ever since I was a clueless and thoughtless child. I thought you might consider that factor first. After all you do love her, yet both of you act like children rather than adults when it comes to that. If you loved her truly, you would consider asking her first or her feelings on the matter. Well it seems like you don't but I do. She saved me and that's all that matters to me. Her happiness is more important than my existence. It will always be that way even if she doesn't see it that way." I said.

Elder James sat there speechless and was now considering what I had just said to him. I sighed before walking over to the door and putting my hand on the handle.

"I think you should leave and reconsider your offer. This time with Bertha, then I will decide whether to tell them or not, who I truly am. Please understand why I said, what I said. For the sake of Bertha's and my feelings." I said before facing the door so he couldn't see my face anymore.

"We have both suffered enough." I mumbled to myself

"I'm sorry, Winter." He said getting up.

"Just leave now. You have said your offer and that will be all. Until then, use your brains after all you are an Elder. Think before you talk.' I said pushing down the handle.

I opened the door to find Duke standing in front of me. I slowly gulped as I took in him standing in front of me. Had he heard our conversation? Even about me being an Elemental?

"You are an Elemental?"

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