halloween 2 : nikki sixx

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it was a tuesday afternoon and you were sitting on your beat-up couch eating a bowl of cereal. the boys had just left for a drug run as you chilled back at the apartment. you stood up and brushed off your pant leg as you squished a roach with your bowl. you gagged a little as you chuckled and stepped into the kitchen area.

the boys hardly cleaned up around your little living space so it took you about 5 hours to shimmy your way through all the garbage. there were random spots on the rug from the stains of puke that you tried cleaning but they just wouldn't come out. you put your plastic bowl and spoon in the garbage as you brushed your hands off. "fucking nasty," you mutter as you trip on the coffee table leg. tommy was already halfway in the window as he chuckled and said," damn y/n, can't walk can you?" you fake laughed then flipped him off as he laughed his ass off.

nikki followed shortly behind him as he made his way over to you and sat on the couch. you swiveled your way into his lap as he brushed your hair behind your shoulder. he nuzzled his head into your neck as tommy whines," come on dudes, get a room." you and nikki chuckle as you look at each other with sparkles in your eyes. "you're beautiful y/n," nikki whispers as your lips hover over his. he smirked as you cooed," thank you, babe."

- next morning -

you wake up to the sound of a car alarm blaring outside as you clear your throat. last night you and nikki had the best sex you could ever imagine. however, when you looked over in his spot you noticed he wasn't there. as you made your way out of bed and walked down the hall you could hear the boys yelling and doinf who knows what. you stop at the end of the hall as you see the boys watching the tv, drinking beer. "oh hey babe, we were waiting for you to get up so we could go to the movies and see halloween 2," nikki said with his hands up in a claw motion. you giggle as you make your way over to him and say," sounds like fun babe."

you eventually get off nikki's lap and walk into you and nikki's room to get dressed for the movies. nikki follows shortly behind you as he wraps his arms around your waist and whispers," sooo babe, you think we could fuck before we leave?" you tuck your hair behind your ear as you smirk and turns towards him. "okay but we gotta make it quick or else we'll miss the movie," you whine as he interrupts you with a deep kiss. he leans you against the dresser as he sits you up on top of it and starts kissing your neck. quiet moans escape your mouth as he slips his finger up your thigh slowly and stops at your waistband. "just fuck me already," you breathe as he picks you up and slams you on the bed.

he pumps in and out of you for a good while as you hear vince pound on the door screaming," come on guys, we're gonna be late for the movie!" nikki was still stroking inside of you as he whispered," answer for me babe." you get over a moan fit as you look at him with a scared look and whimper," but.. w-what if he.. hears me?" nikki barely lets out a chuckle as he groans a little and whispers," just do it babe." you sigh and say loudly," YEAH IN A -," a loud moan escapes your mouth as you hear vince snicker. "i hate you sixx," you breathe out with a little moan as you grab the bedsheet. "yeah, it sure sounds like it," he sputters as he pulls out and releases his load on your stomach. he throws his head back in satisfaction and grips your thigh.

his body glistened in the moonlight as the sweat poured down his toned abs. he turned you on just by looking at him with his sexy smile. his swagger made you weak in the knees and when he spoke to you softly in your ear every night it sent chills down your spine. he kissed you on the forehead as you both stood up to get dressed for the movies :

( your outfit with/without the hat )

you fixed your y/h/c hair in the mirror as you touched up your red lipstick

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you fixed your y/h/c hair in the mirror as you touched up your red lipstick. you walk down the hall and notice tommy picking his nose. "gross tom, stop digging for gold and let's go," you laugh as they all look up towards you. "woah, what a babe," vince says with a smirk as nikki walks over to you and plants a kiss on your neck. he turns and flips vince off as you and the boys make your way out of the apartment and into the car. you blast some music as you guys make your way towards the movie theater in the dead of night. life with the boys was a lot of fun when they weren't annoying you, everyday was a new surprise and you loved it.

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